Hailey Bieber Says That Starting Birth Control Caused Her to Have Adult Acne

Hailey Bieber in january 2020
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The Biebers are getting into skincare! On the latest installment of Justin and Hailey Bieber's Facebook Watch series, The Biebers On Watch, the 23-year-old model gives the 26-year-old pop star a facial while they talk about their skincare issues. 

Hailey noted that she's always had good skin until she started on birth control. 

"Well, actually in the last year I started getting a little bit of adult onset acne from my IUD because I'd never been on birth control before so my hormones were a little bit out of balance," said Hailey, who previously revealed to Vogue that she and Justin waited until marriage to have sex. "For me, my spot was my forehead. I hid it really well."

The birth control caused Hailey to suffer from a hormone shift. 

"I had never experienced acne like that or pimples like that before," she admitted. 

Justin also opened up about struggling with his own acne during the facial. 

"I feel like every time I get pimples, it's at the worst time. I've got to do a brand new performance or go on Ellen and I won't have a big pimple for long and then I'll get a huge one right here on my nose," Justin shared. "I feel like, again, it's going back to stress levels."

In a previous episode of the Facebook Watch show, the "Sorry" singer complained about his adult onset acne, saying, "Who gets adult acne? I do, I hate it." 

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