Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Get Candid About Reconnecting and Quarantining Together

The exes reconnected amid 'traumatic' circumstances -- but where does their relationship stand now?

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are getting candid about reconnecting during traumatic times, what really happened when they quarantined together and where their relationship stands now.

The former Bachelorette was joined by her ex for a video on her YouTube channel, titled "What Really Happened," during which the two start at the beginning -- recounting the first time they spoke "in months," following the sudden death of Tyler's mother at the end of February.

"It was kind of crazy how this all happened," Tyler shared. "I was sitting there, with my mom, in the room, and I was thinking about this past year, because it's been a whirlwind. And I was thinking about Hannah, because my mom was obsessed with Hannah...and literally, Hannah's name pops up on my phone."

The pair decided to talk things out -- getting honest about their complicated history -- and forged a new connection while both going through their own traumas. As Tyler was coping with his mom's death, Hannah was grappling with a family tragedy of her own: her brother, Patrick, overdosed and nearly died on March 1.

"We were kind of leaning on each other," Tyler recalled. "We were both going through things, and were kind of like each other's support system all of a sudden. You of course have your family there, but it's always nice to have someone to lean on as well."

Hannah agreed, noting that the two became "really close emotionally," and she even traveled to Florida to attend Tyler's mom's funeral. "I wanted to get away from my own trauma so I would say that I traded Tyler's trauma for mine. I also wanted to be there for you."

Soon after, the United States started to lock down due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Tyler invited Hannah to stay in Jupiter with his "Quarantine Crew." She agreed, with the pair thinking that it would only be for a short time and they would be able to see what there was between them -- as friends. Tyler admitted that he didn't want anything romantic to happen while he was in a "bad place" following his mom's death. 

"I made a rule. I'm not hooking up, I'm not doing nothing because I don't want you to go away, and I go away and then we're like, ‘Oh I don't feel that' and we're upset again at each other," he explained. "I was in a hurt place, you were in a hurt place, we have a tough past. We've gone through a lot together and this was our first time really hanging out. I just wanted to work on it being a friendship. So if we stepped away and got away from each other and we wanted more, we could always go get more."

Initially, things were good. "You were able to bring light to a really dark time. It was needed," Tyler told Hannah in the video. However, as the public started to speculate about their relationship -- from fun TikTok videos and appearances on Matt James' Instagram stories -- the "pressure cooker" started to wear on the former couple. "We got upset with each other anyways," Tyler noted.

"I'm at my ex's house with all of his friends," Hannah said, telling her side of the story. "I'm like, I don't know where I fit. And I think I did a good job of, like, trying to be OK with the situation that I was in but for me, like, I was internally freaking out."

"Everyone thought that we were in love," she said of the speculation. Though the pair did sleep in the same bed, they both said nothing physical happened. "People think we were hooking up the whole time," Hannah added. "Never kissed."

Ultimately, the extended lockdown -- and rising frustrations -- became too much for the pair, and Hannah decided to leave Florida after almost three weeks and an acrimonious, mostly silent, farewell. "By that time I was so—like I wasn't very nice that day. You were definitely not nice that day," she recalled.

Despite Tyler continuing to be "cold" to her when they communicated on the phone, Hannah said she kept reaching out -- until they were able to thaw things between them once again. These days, she said, they're "trying to be cool being friends."

"I figured, why be cold when you can be cool?" Tyler recalled, as the pair shared a high five. "I would say every phone call since then has been a healthy, better, gradual call... We care about each other, we're there for each other. I'm super stoked with where we're at right now."

ET spoke with Cameron back in May, where he kept mum on the details of his quarantine experience with Hannah, but said it was "definitely nice to have her here."

"She was someone to talk to about things and be around for everyone. She was great," he added. "I want nothing but happiness for her. She is an amazing person and I wish her happiness in whatever form that is."

See more in the video below.