Happy Birthday, Oprah Winfrey! Here's a Look at Her Most Iconic Moments

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Oprah Winfrey is 65 and thriving!

The beloved Queen of Talk celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, which is reason enough for us to take a look back at some of her most memorable moments and catchphrases. 

From "you get a car!" to "bread is back!," check out all the times Winfrey made fans feel seen and inspired:

1. You Get a Car!

In The Oprah Winfrey Show's unforgettable free car giveaway episode, which originally aired on Sept. 13, 2004, the audience was led to believe that only one of them would win a brand new Pontiac G6. Staff members then handed each audience member a box, telling them that one of the boxes would have the key to the free car. When they each opened their boxes and found that there were keys in all of them, no one knew what to think.

This led Winfrey to repeatedly yell to an awestruck audience, "You get a car!"

"I was saying that because people were screaming so loudly they didn't know what was going on," Winfrey told ET in a 2015 interview, 11 years after the big moment. "Prior to that moment, I had said, 'Open up your boxes. One person has a key.' So when I looked at the faces of the audience, they go, 'But I have a key ... but she has a key,' so that's why I said, 'You get a car! You get a car!' to try to clarify, because they all looked so confused. Everybody gets a car!"

2. Bread Is Back!

Winfrey made it OK again to eat carbs while dieting when she declared in January 2016, "Bread is back!" She tweeted out a video to her millions of followers proclaiming that she has eaten bread "every single day" on her Weight Watchers diet and still lost 26 pounds.

Following her carb confession, Weight Watchers stock went up 20 percent, closing at $13.29 a share. Seeing as Winfrey owns 10 percent of the company, she earned $12.5 million.

3. Date Night Dinner

In a video posted to her Instagram, Winfrey shared that her favorite meal to cook for her guy, Stedman Graham, is black-eyed peas and cornbread.

"Honey, hush. That's all you need," she said with a wink. 

4. Boy, Bye!

In a more recent moment, Winfrey and her best friend, Gayle King, offered up some life advice to fans in a new video series for O, The Oprah Magazine called "The Oprah Gayle Chronicles."

The two got hilariously candid when one woman revealed that she caught her boyfriend lying about having a job. Both Winfrey and King burst out laughing.

"Oh my god, this is a no-brainer," Winfrey said as she and King then said together, "Boy, bye!"

5.Unseasoned Chicken

On an episode of her talk show in 2006, Winfrey couldn't hide her reaction after eating a chicken recipe that Anna Ginsberg submitted to the Pillsbury Bake-Off contest that won her a $1 million prize.

"I think it’s delicious, is what it really is," she said while her face told another story.

Winfrey responded to the moment over a decade later, admitting, "The truth for me is I like salt and pepper on my chicken. That's just the truth. That's what I was thinking: 'This chicken needs some salt and pepper.""

6. Time of Her Life

Winfrey is loving every moment of growing older. In an interview with ET in October 2017, she gushed over where she was at in life. 

"Guys, this is the best time of my life," she exclaimed.

"I really am in a really good space," Winfrey added. "I'm probably the most content person [you've] met."



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