Harry Styles Joins the Circus in 'Daylight' Music Video: Watch

The singer juggles, walks a tightrope and rides a horse in the music video.

Harry Styles is joining the circus. In his new music video for "Daylight," the 29-year-old singer delights with whimsical fun.

The video features Harry hanging out with circus performers; he avoids being hit by a knife thrower, juggles while acrobats perform behind him, comes face-to-face with a clown, rides a unicycle and gets silly in funhouse mirrors.

Styles also dons a yellow bird costume and soars through the sky, walks on a tightrope and rides a horse in the video.

Styles shared pics from the making of the video on Instagram, including a shot with the director, Tanu Muino.

While this is the official music video for "Daylight," last year, Styles made a music video for the Harry's House track as part of a bit on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

In the segment, Styles and the host crashed a fan's apartment to film a makeshift video. ET spoke to the lucky apartment occupants -- Caroline, Isabel, Sydney and Hadley -- at the time, and they called the whole thing "an out-of-body experience."

"It's not something you expect to happen when you open the door,"  Caroline said. "We were just discussing our work day, sitting around in our living room. We did not think that was going to happen."

"He's so nice, so we had normal conversations [with him]. We were just in shock. It was hard to think about all of the things we wanted to say to him," Hadley added. "All I wanted my whole life was just to meet him, just for one second, just to take a selfie, just meet him and walk away. This was beyond my wildest dreams and truly a dream come true. [It was] not even a dream, because you wouldn’t dream something so amazing." 

Watch the video below for more on the original "Daylight" music video.