Heather Rae Young on Her Relationship With Tarek El Moussa's Ex Christina and When He'll Propose (Exclusive)

The 'Selling Sunset' star also teases what fans can expect in the show's second season.

Heather Rae Young couldn't be happier to be a "bonus mom" and have a great relationship with her boyfriend, Tarek El Moussa's, ex-wife, Christina Anstead.

ET's Keltie Knight chatted with the Selling Sunset star about how her love life will play out in the second season of the Netflix reality show, and why she decided to reach out to El Moussa's ex after they started dating. After two dates, Young revealed that she and the Flip or Flop star decided they were "one hundred percent [committing] to each other," which also included his two kids with Anstead.

"I've never been a mom. I'm new to all this," Young explained. "But as a woman, I just kind of felt like, 'What would I want being in her situation?' So it felt only right for me -- that I'm gonna be living with the children, being around the children all the time -- that I would reach out to her. And we have a great relationship. We talk about the children and it's great. It's been such an amazing experience for me being this new 'bonus mom.'" 

El Moussa confirmed his relationship with Young last August. The two moved in together in January, with fans getting to see their early relationship in the new episodes.

"We're so in love, we're so happy, and when we first started dating is when we first started filming season 2," she shared. "So you get to see the beginnings of our relationships unravel, you get to see my relationship with the children, how I navigate through balancing work and going back-and-forth from Orange County to L.A…I was balancing a new relationship and then also hustling at work and filming a show, so it was a lot to handle, and you guys see that."

While the two have been dating for 10 months, when asked if she sees wedding bells on the horizon, Young said she would love to be engaged -- but isn't in a rush. 

"We just have the best time together. He's my best friend in the whole world and I'm just really enjoying what we have right now. I don't feel like there's a rush," she expressed. "And honestly, I want him to feel a hundred percent ready. He went through a very public divorce. He went through a really rough time, and I want him to do it when he feels ready. And like I said, I’m loving life and I'm loving every single day with him and the kids and I'm not in a rush. I mean, do I wanna be engaged? Of course, who doesn’t. But I'm not pushing him."

As for what fans can expect in season two of Selling Sunset? "You're gonna see a lot more drama, you're gonna see a new cast member [Amanza Smith] and you're gonna see the most gorgeous homes," teased Young.

"We're a tough office. Like, us girls, we're hard on the new girls. You have to have a certain personality to be in our industry, and we have very strong personalities and we're all very independent," she added. "So when you bring a new dynamic in, it's tough to balance that. So Amanda definitely, she held her own."

Season two of Selling Sunset is now streaming on Netflix.