Heidi Klum Offers Up One Big Tip That Will Change Your Eating Habits (Exclusive)

It has everything to do with timing!

Heidi Klum is spilling the tea about how she maintains her incredible body.

The 45-year-old supermodel spoke to ET at HQ2's opening at Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, over the weekend.

"I start with smoothies and, you know, I do three big meals. But really, my last one is at 6 p.m.," Klum revealed of her diet. "I eat with my kids. I think that also helps a little bit. I don’t eat at, like, 8 or 9 at night, because when you do that, and then you have a few glasses of wine, then it sits there in your stomach and you go to sleep."

The mother of four added, "I think when you eat a little on the earlier side, it has time to digest and I think it is a little better for your body."

In addition to sharing some some tips for keeping your calorie intake under control, the America's Got Talent judge spoke more about her food rules after previously telling ET that she passes on "anything fat free."

"I don’t really have a specific diet. I just eat really healthily. I like to run on the treadmill a little bit, but really for me, it’s all from the inside out. It’s all, you know, you are what you eat. You hear it all the time, and I really do believe that," Klum explained. "I don’t really eat out a lot. I think when you eat out a lot, or you order food in a lot, then it kind of gets a little tricky, because you don’t know what people are putting in there. So, I cook a lot. I know what goes into the food. It’s always fresh food."

While wearing a neon yellow look of her own design, Klum went on to talk about the importance of women embracing their bodies — and revealed how she incorporates that sentiment into her own swimwear line.

"I try to make swimsuits for women, any shape or size. And I also believe that women should embrace their shape, no matter what shape they’re in. I think you should embrace yourself for who you are," she expressed. "Not everyone is a model walking down the runway, and we shouldn’t be. I think that’s what makes women so unique and so beautiful and so different. So, embrace what you have and be proud of who you are, no matter what age."

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Ocean Resort Casino

The longtime Project Runway star, who co-hosts the series with Tim Gunn, also gushed over the show's five consecutive Emmy Award nominations -- including one win that was "a huge honor" -- and noted that they "never take that lightly." 

With this year's nominations set to be announced next week, Klum has accepted the fact that she may be going up against Tyra Banks — her America's Got Talent co-star — for the Outstanding Host award.

"It’s possible that Tyra and I will be up for the same category, as hosts, but you know, we’re not voting. It’s up for other people," Klum said of Banks, who replaced Nick Cannon as host of AGT. "I mean, she deserves it. She’s jumped into a show that has been around for many years and, you know, there was Nick before, who’s done a fantastic job, and she just jumped right in and I think that she’s doing fantastic, because it’s not easy!"

She continued her praise for Banks, telling ET, "You have to deal with the people right there in front of you, when they come off the stage and they’re either crying or they’re really happy. We’re kind of hiding behind our desks, which is much easier. So, when I say something maybe not-so-nice to them, you know, they kind of walk off and I don’t see them up close, but she has to kind of take them in, with all their emotions they have in that moment, and I think that is a really hard job and I think she does a fantastic job."

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