Helen Mirren Says ‘Charming’ Meghan Markle Doesn’t Need Her Advice for Life as a Royal (Exclusive)

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She may have scored an Oscar for playing the Queen, but Helen Mirren isn’t about to give any advice to Meghan Markle on stepping into a royal’s shoes!

The 72-year-old acclaimed actress spoke with ET’s Lauren Zima at the premiere of her new horror film, Winchester, on Thursday where talk quickly turned to the next member of the royal family.

“I don’t think she needs any advice,” Mirren told ET. “I have to say, she’s been so charming and so dignified in the right sort of way, in a natural kind of way. I think she’s a really wonderful addition to the royal family, and she’s very beloved already in England.”

Helen Mirren
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Mirren also opened up about her recent rap battle with James Corden, in which she called Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, and Maggie Smith her “ride or die.”

“I know all of those people, not like my besties, but I absolutely know all of them and they’re great women,” Mirren said. “All of them are extraordinary women. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to do a movie with all of us? That would be so great.”

From her lips to the studio’s ears!

Mirren previously opened up to ET about her new spooky role. Watch the clip below for more from the exclusive interview!


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