Hilaria Baldwin Updates Fans On Health While Breastfeeding in New Video

Hilaria Baldwin
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As if being a mom to a newborn isn't hard enough, poor Hilaria Baldwin is still battling pneumonia and her kids are sick, just two weeks after giving birth.

The fitness and wellness guru and her husband, actor Alec Baldwin, welcomed little Romeo to their family on May 17, the couple's fourth child together. But right after giving birth, Baldwin was diagnosed with pneumonia. And then two of her other children, Rafael, 2, and Leonardo, 1, came down with the flu. Oh yeah, and poor little 4-year-old Carmen came home with pink eye.

"Tumultuous to say the least, and, for a family that rarely gets sick, definitely a foreign experience," she wrote on Instagram last week. "We are all on the mend, and fortunately, so far, Romeo is super healthy. It’s been tough getting our new family of 6 oriented with all of the necessary quarantining."

On Sunday, she provided an update, with a sweet (and slightly NSFW-ish) Instagram video updating everyone on their illnesses while she breastfed little Romeo and describing a beyond-the-call-of-duty dedication to trying to quarantine everyone's germs.

"So far, we are surviving our crazy week. The kids are all getting better," she said. "I shower in-between being with them and being with Romeo, so I do not get him sick with the germs that on me. So far, he is very good, he's very healthy. Hopefully he stays that way."

And as she juggles it all, poor Baldwin herself is still fighting off that pneumonia. But her spirits appeared good as she signed off.

"My back is hurting a bit from coughing so much because of the pneumonia so I'm trying to lay with the heating pad as much as we can, so we do that while we nurse," she said. "Fingers crossed everything stays good."

For a look back at Baldwin's last pregnancy, watch the video below.


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