Hilary Duff Tears Up Watching Her First ET Interview: Her Message to Her Younger Self (Exclusive)

The 32-year-old actress co-hosted Monday's episode of ET.

Hilary Duff can't help but get emotional thinking about all she's accomplished. 

The 32-year-old actress guest co-hosted Monday's episode of ET, where we surprised her with our very first interview with her. In 1998, 11-year-old Duff was filming her first movie, Casper Meets Wendy, and gushing over how she couldn't wait to follow her dreams. 

"I guess I would be like, 'You're not going to believe this ride. You're not going to believe what's going to happen,'" Duff told ET on Monday of her message to her younger self. "It kind of makes me want to cry. It makes me emotional."

"The days go by so fast. The years have gone by so fast. I have done a lot, and when I see that little girl, I still obviously have her inside somewhere, you know?" she added. "Also, I see so much of my son in that person. I do."

While she juggles two TV shows (Younger and Disney+'s upcoming Lizzie McGuire revival) and her other projects, Duff couldn't be more proud of her role as a mom. 

"I think I'm really good at the juggling act of being really present with my kids when I have the time with them. I try to put my phone down, I try to take a break from all of that and turn myself off," said the actress, who shares 7-year-old son Luca with ex Mike Comrie, and 1-year-old daughter Banks with fiance Matthew Koma. 

"There's times when there's a deal on the table, and I'm like, 'I just got off work, I'm walking in the door, I haven't seen my kids. If it goes away, it goes away. Like, I don't care. They are No. 1 for me,'" Duff revealed. "And I think I make things fun... I think I get that from my mom."

Sometimes that fun has gotten the best of her, as Duff opened up about her "complete mom fail." 

"I felt so bad about it... I made my daughter throw up the other day," she admitted. "I think she got so excited because she hadn't seen me all day, and we play really rough on the bed, I'll toss her into a pile of pillows, and I'll hang her upside down and drag her around the bed. And Matt was there, and we were just tickling her and tossing her all around."

"I hadn't realized that her nanny had just fed her dinner, and then I gave her a whole bottle on top of it. Just mom fail... she fully was like blech! Everywhere, on the bed," Duff described. "I felt so bad!"

The mom of two always wants the best for her kids, and that's why she's partnered with Naturalena Brands and their two brands, Happy Little Camper and Veeda, as their chief brand officer. 

"Working with Happy Little Camper is so educational for me," she said of the company, which offers all-natural and earth-friendly diapers and wipes. "There's just so much crap that you don't even know how to pronounce in [other] diapers. ...It's really nice that a company like this is taking all the guesswork out. You're not having to worry about it."

Partnering with Veeda, which provides plant-based feminine care, was also a natural fit. "I'm making all these healthy choices for my kids, and I'm like, 'Oh my god, me.' You don't think about it. I've switched over to using all-natural products in fem care, and no one's talking about it, and it's really important," she shared. 

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