Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Cameo in 'Murphy Brown' Revival Premiere

A big-name star joined in on the fun for the beloved sitcom's return to TV after 20 years.

After two decades off the air, the former crew of the FYI News team returned to television on Thursday for the long-awaited premiere of the Murphy Brown revival -- and a big-name guest star joined them for the exciting occasion.

The new season -- technically the show's 11th -- reunited original stars Candice Bergen -- as the show's eponymous journalist -- Faith Ford, Pat Corley, Charles Kimbrough, Joe Regalbuto and Grant Shaud, and brought on new stars including Jake McDorman, Nik Dodani, Tyne Daly and Adan Rocha.

True to the original series' tradition of Murphy's ever-changing roster of secretaries (played by guest stars), Hillary Clinton appeared to fill the temp position in the revival's debut.

Clinton, playing herself as a woman in need of a job, didn't shy away from self-referential jokes, especially when asked about her workplace skills, including email.

"Emails, yeah, I do have some experience with emails," the former Secretary of State quipped, referring to her own high-profile email scandal that played a role in her 2016 election battle with President Donald Trump.

While Murphy decided that the veteran politician was a little "over-qualified" for the secretary job, she did get her contact info. Apparently Clinton's email is "Hilary@YouCouldaHadMe.Com."

With Murphy Brown's central theme rooted in politics and Trump's administration, Clinton's appearance is particularly meaningful within the context of the series.

Clinton will also soon be making a guest appearance on the political drama Madam Secretary later this year.

Throughout Murphy Brown's original 10-season run, which aired from 1988-98, the titular news woman burned through 93 different secretaries -- occasionally played by huge stars -- who only ever worked for her for a single episode (save for a few exceptions).

Sally Field, Bette Midler and Rosie O'Donnell are among those who guest starred in the role, as well as John Kennedy Jr., Don Rickles, Paul Rubens and even Michael Richards in character as Cosmo Kramer in a surprising Seinfeld crossover.

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with the stars of Murphy Brown during a set visit earlier this year, and Bergen said she's excited for the "surprise" of who's going to be sitting down behind her secretary's desk throughout the revival series.

Occasionally, stars would even play themselves on the show -- including Julia Roberts, who ended up confessing her love for Regalbuto's hard-edged investigative reporter, Frank Fontana.

"I think Julia Roberts should sort of give up her marriage and come back to Frank," Regalbuto joked to ET during the set visit, suggesting one possible future cameo. "Just give it all up Julia! I'm ready, I'm waiting."

During a panel discussion at this year's Television Critics Association press tour, creator Diane English confirmed that the show would have "an enormously famous person in our first episode."

For more on the exciting, long-awaited revival series, check out the video below.



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