Kermit Spreads Holiday Cheer & Safety Tips


ET's Samantha Harris got holiday safety tips from an unlikely source during a recent interview. Our correspondent sat down with Kermit the Frog, chatting about the muppet's new campaign with Underwriters Laboratories.

"One of the major things is what can happen to your Christmas tree at Christmastime if you don't water it enough," emphasized Kermit, who shot a new PSA to get the word out.

Kermit also has a new movie coming out, co-written by Jason Segal. The felted frog described the film as "an interesting, fun movie" that brings the gang back together after having spent some time apart.

Watch the video for more, and you can see The Muppets when it hits theaters November 23. For more about the UL Muppets PSA, visit

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