'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Helps David and Rosanna Arquette Connect With Late Sister Alexis (Exclusive)

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Henry tells David and Rosanna that Alexis was 'OK to go' before she died in a sneak peek from this week's episode.

Tyler Henry is helping the Arquette siblings find some peace. 

Only ET has an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's episode, in which Henry sits down with David and Rosanna Arquette to discuss their late sibling, Alexis, who died in September 2016. 

"For some reason, they're having me talk about four kids, the four siblings. The four situation," Henry begins, working through his thoughts on a piece of paper.  

"There are four of us," David confirms. 

"It's that kind of energy that to me feels almost premature, as I would be viewing, too soon," Henry continues. "There's really a priority of wanting to refer to the siblings, and talking about the siblings. That's where all the focus is. It's like, essential. And I keep hearing, sister, sister, sister. There's a double meaning with this that I'm trying to pick up on." 

"There's a feeling of like, I wish I could stick around longer, because now like, this is when I would start having opportunities," he adds, asking the Arquettes if that relates to them.  

"We had a sibling that passed away a year ago yesterday. Alexis, who was our transgender sister, but was very comfortable with both at the end. It didn't matter," Rosanna says. "Alexis came out 20 years ago and was the famous person who was a boy, who wanted to be a girl, and who was a pioneer. And I think it was sad, because it's more accepted now, and Alexis would be doing such incredible work." 

"Despite passing at what I would consider untimely, there's a feeling of acceptance. And I know this is kind of hard to explain, but this person gives me this feeling of, 'I was OK to go before I died,'" Henry replies. "There's a feeling of 'I've thought about this before.'"

See more of Henry's reading below. 

ET sat down with Henry last month, where he opened up about another recent reading, with La Toya Jackson, sharing that he communicated with her late brother, Michael Jackson. 

"It's still so surreal to me," Henry said with a laugh. "When he came through it was so funny because I was expecting him coming through moon-walking."

"But he didn't come through that way at all," he continued. "He was very private, very very sweet ... and was connecting with his sister."

"[It was] just I'm here, I love you, I'm around,'" he added.

See more in the video below. 

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