'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Reveals 3 Biggest Regrets the Deceased Have After They ‘Transition’ (Exclusive)

Henry also shares with ET the celebrity reading he wishes he could redo if given the chance. Season 3 of 'Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry' premieres Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PST on E!.

"Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry is known for connecting celebrities with loved ones who have died.  

Now, he’s revealing to ET what the deceased regret most about their lives – and it’s pretty heartbreaking. 

“They wish they would have worked less, they wish they would have been more present, they wish they would have communicated more... those are kind of the big things,” Henry said. 

“The way it comes through is that they are able to understand if they had a second shot at it, they could have done things differently,” he explained.  “But, they also accept when they transition how they dealt with things, how things went with their lives…” 

This topic will be the focus of the 22-year-old’s second book, which he’s currently still writing. 

As it turns out, though, Henry also has something he’d do over – his Boy George reading that aired during season one of his show. 

“I think doing it a second round might be a good opportunity for him to be a little bit more open,” he said. “And I think in our first meeting, he definitely got some validations, but he left that experience and acknowledged that maybe if he were to do it a second time, he’d come with the makeup off. That was very telling because i think he might have been a little uncomfortable going in certain areas in a personal sense, so I think a follow-up personally would be good -- off-camera -- just to sort of help facilitate a connection.” 

As for a celebrity reading he’d like to do?  Tonya Harding. 

“I think she’s fascinating… and she had a very tumultuous upbringing and I think that there's a lot of healing to be had there,” he said, adding, “I admire her for what she's gone through and how she's been resilient through it, so I think that’s someone that could really benefit from [a reading]. 

Season three of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry premieres tonight, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!. His readings with Jim Parsons and Kristin Cavallari will be featured. 

Looking ahead, his intimidate reading with La Toya Jackson will air during the season 3 finale. Henry told ET he connected with Michael Jackson, and that the pop star shared ‘deeply personal’ messages for his children with him.  Watch the video below for more.