'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Says Michael Jackson Relayed 'Deeply Personal' Messages to His Kids (Exclusive)

Tyler Henry describes his upcoming reading with La Toya Jackson to ET.

Tyler Henry had a surreal experience.

The Hollywood Medium sat down with ET's Katie Krause earlier this week to share details from his upcoming reading with La Toya Jackson, where he said he communicated with her late brother, Michael Jackson.

"It's still so surreal to me," Henry said with a laugh. "When he came through it was so funny because I was expecting him coming through moon-walking."

"But he didn't come through that way at all," he continued. "He was very private, very very sweet ... and was connecting with his sister."

"[It was] just I'm here, I love you, I'm around,'" he added.

"A big part of these readings oftentimes is going back into someone's  last moments and helping provide closure by giving answers," he said. "That's really what she needed because there were still some details about his passing that she was unresolved about so him coming through and delivering a message of who was around, who wasn't and how that happened in chronological order."

According to Henry, he says he never saw a physical manifestation of the King of Pop, but rather images linked to his life.

"I never saw a visual depiction of him," Henry said. "But he did communicate some images that I thought were interesting and a lot of them were very innocent."

"He showed me a Dumbo ride and I saw the Dumbo ears," he added. "And he had it on the ranch and La Toya validated this and that was one of his favorite rides."

"He came across with a lot of love much like a child and he was really beautiful," he added.

Henry also said that Michael had messages for his children, 21-year-old Prince, 19-year-old Paris and 15-year-old Blanket.

"There were some references that he made towards his children that were very specific," he said of the "deeply personal" experience he shared with La Toya. "It clearly comes from a place of love and good intent, and I think that they'll definitely be able to get something out of it ... I hope that [La Toya] passed on some of the messages to them."

"It was actually a mixture of personal validations, things that he had seen and witnessed them doing since [his death], as well as just personal stuff," he continued. "He's very, very connected to his daughter."

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry premieres Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!. La Toya Jackson appears in the season finale.