Hollywood's Brow King Damone Roberts Reveals Rihanna Has a Lookalike Model to Test Out Brow Styles (Exclusive)

The brow artist to the stars dishes on his skills to create the perfect arches and the craziest place he has groomed someone's brows.

Hollywood's top brow artist Damone Roberts is revealing his secrets to achieve the perfect arch! 

ET's Jesse Goddard caught up with Roberts in his Beverly Hills studio, which started almost 20 years ago, as he spruced her brows and spilled the deets on his arch-perfecting skills and working with his A-list clientele, which casually includes Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian-West, Jenna Dewan, Tracee Ellis Ross, Nicki Minaj and so many more. 

Watch him in action in the video above and read on for our interview with the brow king. 

ET: Which celeb client has the best set of brows without much maintenance? 

Damone Roberts: You know who I think has really, really beautiful eyebrows and she's such a beautiful girl? Is Jenna Dewan. We worked on shaping her brows for many, many years to get them really nice and full and we finally got them to the point that I don't see her nearly as much as I would like to these days! But it's because we really have trained them through the years to get them perfectly for her and they frame her perfectly. Beautiful girl, beautiful eyebrows. Jenna is very serious about her eyebrows. She does not mess around when it comes to her eyebrows in any way.

Where is the craziest place you've done someone's brows? 

Craziest place I've done eyebrows has been on the red carpet for the Oscars. Literally on the red carpet for the Oscars. I've done eyebrows in lots of private planes. This morning I did Tracee Ellis Ross at her home. We were in the sun and she just had the sun and the heat and we were trying to get them perfect for her. Robert Downey Jr. we've done them at the pool, I've done Channing Tatum, I've done Reba McEntire as she's singing country music to me. I mean, I have some great stories and a typical eyebrow appointment takes about 15 minutes here at Damone Roberts, but when you have someone like Oprah Winfrey in your chair -- you take a little longer! Just because you're trying to get all of that knowledge and energy from her. So I admit I do take a little bit longer when I have someone like Oprah in the chair because she's pretty special.

How do you shape brows for men? 

We do lots of male eyebrows here -- we call it a Male Damone Roberts Brow here and what that means is that it's shaped, but it's not as dramatic as the other brows that we've done on the women, of course. Most men don't really want anyone to know they've had their brows done, we've discovered. But they also are very vain and men like to get complimented! So most of the men have always said, you know, they went to work the next day and everyone's like, 'You look really really good what's different about you?' And they can't really figure out what it is…and I'm here to tell you it's the Damone Roberts Man Brow! It really makes a difference!

I've done all of the Iron Man movies, I've done Magic Mike and all of Channing's [Tatum] movies. I've done Johnny Galecki for many, many years and again you wouldn't necessarily know it, but believe me -- these guys come in regularly because they realize the importance of eyebrows and they groom all the other hair on their faces daily, so why not groom the hair above their eyes? 

When it comes to a Damone Roberts Male brow, the trick is less is more. There's no arch. There's nothing that's too dramatic. We clean them up, we trim them, but there's not necessarily any shaping going on. It's just really, really clean and nice to open up the eye. 

How does one's features play into shaping the brow? 

You always want to take those features into consideration when you're shaping someone's eyebrows as well. So what I mean by that, for example, is someone like a Reese Witherspoon, who has say a more of a longer chin, you don't want to give them a higher arch because what happens is it creates more space between the face, so you would give her a straighter eyebrow which would kind of shorten things.

Someone like Brooke Shields has more or strong features, so you don't want to give her a really strong arch because it's going to make her face look a lot more severe. You want it to be softer, so you give her a softer arch. Someone like Jenna is kind of in-between and you really kind of give the brow shape in-between as well. Someone like Tracee Ellis Ross is a more of an oval shape, so we'll keep her brows a little fuller, but give her a slight arch as well. 

Any recent memorable moments with your clients? 

Rihanna has become one of my favorite people. Now of course I was a fan like everyone else, but once I started working with her this year I have become a fan of her as a person because she is so fly and dope! I can't think of any other word because she really personifies 'Rock Star' and this year we first met for the Met Gala and she wanted to lighten her eyebrows. So Rihanna's so fly that she has a lookalike model come by your space and you try out different looks on the eyebrows on the model and you send pictures to Rihanna and she decides whether she wants to do it or not! So literally a lookalike model we trialed and tried and everything else until we got them perfect and we sent Rihanna the pictures and we heard nothing and of course two days before the Met Gala she's like, 'I loved them! You gotta fly to NY and take care of me!' and do them and whatnot, and of course Rihanna shut down the show! It was really, really special. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

What is a brow trend you're not into? 

It’s so funny because there’s so many eyebrow trends that I think need to go away. There’s this new thing called "social media" and everyone thinks they’re a brow expert and I think the “Instagram brow” is way too dramatic and artificial. I think micro-blading should be done only for people that severely need it -- in other words, they’ve been through chemotherapy, they’ve had bad eyebrow tattoo jobs in the past and it doesn’t seem to work. You really want to research who is doing the micro-blading before you have it done because it does last up to two years! I think really severe brows that are filled in with eyeliners are definitely a thing of the past. I think everyone is trying to go for a more natural, more full brow these days and I think that once you accomplish that, it’s really hard to go back to something otherwise because you’ll notice a difference in how it changes your face.

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