How Dax Shepard and Wife Kristen Bell Are Teaching Their Kids Balance (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the actor while promoting his new series, 'Bless This Mess,' airing Tuesdays on ABC.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell really do complement each other.

ET guest correspondent Ben Aaron caught up with the Bless This Mess actor at the ABC Walt Disney Television Upfront in New York City on Tuesday, where he explained how his and his wife's different upbringings really give their two kids -- Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4 -- a nice balance.

"She grew up in the city. She has other strengths, she knows a lot more about Broadway than I do," Shepard said after being asked who is more outdoorsy. "She knows about singing, she can teach our kids about music. I don’t know anything about that."

"She's an optimist, I'm a pessimist. Our kids will hopefully land in the middle of us," he said.

Meanwhile, Shepard's new show just got renewed for a second season on ABC. The actor joked about being a real-life country man, while his character "doesn’t know how to do anything."

"Which is a real blow to my ego, to have to play someone inapt at all things," he jokingly said. "I know how to fix a roof, I know how to work on a car, but my character doesn't know how to do anything."

As for possibly seeing his lady love make a guest appearance on season two? Shepard admitted that he doubts Bell will make a cameo as she is busy with two shows of her own.

"I just can't see it in the cards," he revealed.

ET recently sat down with Shepard and his Bless This Mess co-star Lake Bell, where they dished on their new show and what they've hid from their spouses early on in their relationships.

Watch below to hear what the revealed.

Bless This Mess airs Tuesdays on ABC.