How 'Lady and the Tramp' Filmed the Classic Spaghetti Dinner Scene With Real Dogs (Exclusive)

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Disney is bringing yet another beloved animated classic to life with a live-action adaptation of Lady and the Tramp!

In anticipation, ET got a chance to visit the set to see how they recreated some of the original film's most iconic scenes.

Starring the voice talents of Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux as the titular Lady and Tramp, the film also features Rose and Monty -- two rescue dogs who portray the beloved cartoon canines.

"When I first heard about it, I was like, 'Oh my god, of course!' I love Lady and the Tramp," Theroux told ET.  "I have a soft spot for dogs just in general."

Thompson couldn't agree more with her co-star's appreciation for the animated family classic, telling ET that she remembers "watching [it] as a child."

"I mean, when they're together eating the spaghetti, I think that sort of evokes so much for so many people," Thompson recalled.

While the movie does use digital doubles for the charming pups in a number of scenes, the classic pasta dinner moment -- where the pair both eat the same spaghetti noodle -- was captioned the old fashioned way!

So how did they pull it off? As it turns out, the secret was licorice.

"I think it was lemon," explained Kiersey Clemons, who plays Darling Dear. "Lemon licorice, and they were just snipping at it."

While Disney's recent trend of adapting their beloved properties for new audiences and in new mediums has been met with some real success, the films have also faced their fair share of critics who claim they are trying to cash in on nostalgia with modernized remakes.

However, Theroux says that, with Lady and the Tramp, it's all just a celebration of a wonderful love story.

"We're not changing, we're not modernizing, we're not super updating," the actor shared. "It's just a different way of telling a wonderful story."

Lady and the Tramp starts streaming on Disney+ on Nov. 12.


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