How Normani Helped Cardi B Feel Sexy While Naked and Pregnant on 'Wild Side' Set

The women co-star in a music video for their single, 'Wild Side.'

Cardi B is grateful for Normani! In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, the 28-year-old rapper opens up about how the former Fifth Harmony member made her feel safe, comfortable and sexy on the set of the music video for their song, "Wild Side."

"I felt like the song was really sexy, but I didn't really want to do much nudity because I've done so much nudeness in my videos before. That was the only thing that made sense around that time because no clothes were fitting me nicely," explains Cardi, who is currently expecting her second child with her husband, Offset. "I was around five and a half months pregnant, going into six months pregnant, so I couldn't wear a bustier or waist trainer."

According to Cardi, she opted to go nude in the video because her pregnant belly "was in the way" of every outfit. 

"I felt like the best way that I could hide and conceal it was with hair and being naked," she says. "We just looked so beautiful and Normani was so nice... she made sure that the set was very private 'cause nobody knew that I was pregnant, and she kept giving me advice on how to look more fierce."

"I felt so out of place trying to be sexy and rapping about dicks and cocks. My body wasn't feeling sexy and it was the first time in public where I was butt naked with a big a** belly," Cardi continues. "But Normani's a natural dancer, so she was like, 'Yeah, Cardi go like this, POW!'"

Cardi's praise for Normani didn't end there, with the rapper calling the 25-year-old singer "really sweet."

"She has always been a sweet girl, but one of the reasons why I did a song with her is because my stylist worked with her and he was always saying how she's such a nice person," Cardi shares. "My stylist was like, 'Would you do a song with Normani? She would love to do a song with you,' and I said yeah."

"... Normani is just such a great person and I cannot wait for the world to see more of her," she adds. "She's one of those nice girls... I don't think she got any mean girl-ness in her body. She's delicate and is one of those people you want the success for, you know?"

As for when Cardi plans to release more new music, she assures fans, "I definitely want to put my album out."

"After I drop my album, I automatically want to go on tour. I also want to be in the best shape that I can be and want to be mentally stable when I drop my album," she says. "I'm gonna have a baby and everything... it's not that I don't wanna rush, I just wanna be correct."

"I don't wanna miss my baby's first couple of months and be really stressed out," Cardi continues. "I don't wanna stress myself out my first couple of months of having a baby because postpartum [depression] hit me really hard the last time, but I think I'm gonna be OK."