'I Like Me Better' Singer Lauv Says He's Sober: 'It Feels Amazing'

The 'All or Nothing' singer shared that he is making a lifestyle change.

Lauv is making a positive lifestyle change.

On Monday, the "I'm So Tired" singer shared that he is five days sober.

"I’m sober. It’s been 5 days but it feels amazing. Like I don’t even wanna drink much or do anything cause i’m feeling consistent and waking up in control and YEAH im just proud of myself and happy and wanted to tell you cause if you ever wanted to do something like that you could," the 28-year-old singer wrote. 

The "I Like Me Better" singer went on to encourage his followers through his message and share that their commitment to themselves doesn't have to start with drinking, but could be used in any other space of their lives. 

"Doesn't even have to be drinking or drugs just the idea that you can commit to yourself and what you know is best for you if what you’re doing isn’t working for you," he added. "That could be a relationship. A job. Whatever. Doesn’t matter it’s all about you and doing the thing you’d tell yourself to do if you were your best friend."

Lauv's personal post was met with support from his fans. 

"So proud of you! ❤️❤️," one user wrote.

"We love whatever you share from within. Keep it up👏. We're with you! You 're with us !," another added. 

"👏👏 amazing! Keep it up you got this!," another fan said.

Lauv has never shared any details about his use of drugs or alcohol. The singer's announcement comes as he set to kick off his Between Albums tour, which is scheduled to start in August.