Inside Lindsay Lohan's Now-Viral Dance and How It All Went Down (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Neil Wang, the man who took the now-viral video of the actress dancing at her club in Mykonos, Greece, over the weekend.

Lindsay Lohan and her dance moves have been blowing up people's social media feeds since a video surfaced of her getting down at her club, Lindsay Lohan Beach House, in Mykonos, Greece.

In a clip shared on Instagram Story by Neil Wang over the weekend, the 32-year-old actress is on stage and busting some moves while clubgoers cheer her on. ET spoke with Wang about the entertaining, now-viral moment and how it all went down.

According to Wang, Lohan was actually filming for her upcoming MTV reality show, tentatively titled Lohan Beach Club. The Mean Girls star arrived with three outfits in tow and was first hanging out in her cabana before she decided to put on a show in a silver jumpsuit.

"[Lindsay] decided to get on stage and then she played music on the DJ’s computer," Wang tells ET exclusively. "She interacted with the DJ. She interacted with the crowd downstairs. Everybody went crazy! She was having the best time of her life and then that’s when I decided I had to document this moment because it’s legendary."

After recording the moment, his Instagram Story gained mass attention. "I had absolutely no idea that it would go viral because I thought it was just fun for me and my friends," Wang recalls. "But later I realized over this past weekend, all the celebrities and all the social media accounts started reposting the video. And even Lindsay Lohan herself reposted the video on her website and started the dance challenge."

Lohan, who embraced the viral moment, has since asked fans to #DoTheLilo, a new dance challenge where people recreate her epic moves. She's reposted a couple of videos, with one set to Van McCoy's "The Hustle." Celebs like Busy Philipps and Kelly Oxford have already jumped on the craze.

"I’m absolutely thrilled that I was part of this, everything!" Wang expresses. "Lindsay Lohan is absolutely legendary. I love her and Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies. I was born Oct. 3 [Mean Girls Day], so I love her so much and I cannot wait to see what people will do. She hasn’t reached out to me yet but I would love, love to hear from her."

Meanwhile, Lohan's forthcoming reality show, set to debut in 2019, will follow the actress-singer turned entrepreneur as she embarks on her third business venture in Mykonos. Lohan Beach House is a seaside restaurant on the tourist-friendly island known for its sprawling beach, bar and raucous club nights. A source previously told ET that Lohan "has a lot of control with the project" and "will be doing a lot of delegating for the series."

Take a look at Lohan's upcoming reality show in the video below.

Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.