Anna Paquin Says She's 'Extraordinarily Moved' by Fans' Concerns Amid Undisclosed Condition (Exclusive)

The actress is starring in a new film, 'A Bit of Light,' which is now in theaters.

Anna Paquin is grateful for her fans' support. Days after the actress made headlines for her use of a cane on the red carpet, Paquin and her husband, Stephen Moyer, starred in the latest edition of "Spilling the E-Tea" and discussed her health.

During their chat, Paquin expressed her thanks for the love she's received in the wake of her undisclosed medical condition.

"I am extraordinarily touched and moved by people showing that they care and being interested and kind about it," she said. "... At some point I will probably elaborate on my own platform in my own words. I'm just really grateful for the support."

After her buzzworthy appearance, a source told ET that Paquin has been dealing with an undisclosed illness that has caused some mobility issues and required her to use a cane for assistance. She has also experienced some difficulties with her speech but at the moment she is fine and will hopefully make a full recovery," the source added.

Anna Paquin attends a screening of 'A Bit of Light' in New York. - Theo Wargo/Getty Images

For now, though, Paquin and Moyer are busy promoting their film, A Bit of Light, which she stars in and he directed. In the movie, Paquin plays Ella, a woman who moves back in with her father after she loses custody of her two children. 

During "Spilling the E-Tea," Moyer told his wife why she was perfect for the part.

"When I read this thing, you were the first person that I immediately thought of, because there are very few people that I've ever had in my orbit who I knew would go down the rabbit hole of complexity that the character of Ella needed to inhabit," he said. "She's quite a broken character and she's quite a broken soul."

On a more practical front, Moyer quipped, "There was a 39-year-old written into the script. You happened to be 39 when we were shooting, so if I had cast anybody else, I would have been put in husband jail."

For Paquin, playing the role was a challenge, especially as she navigated how not to get "methody" during filming.

"I know [method acting] works for some people, but it's not really realistic if you are going home to your children. You have to be a human being and whatnot," Paquin, who shares 13-year-old twins with Moyer, explained.

Making the movie was made easier with Moyer behind the camera, Paquin said.

"You are exceptionally talented. You think in images and storytelling and camera angles and you know the inside and out of every single aspect of making a film or TV show," she gushed. "That's really hot. I find talent sexy."

After seeing the film, Moyer hopes that, despite its "dark thematic undertone," fans will understand that it's "about hope and it's about forgiveness and redemption."

"It's about not being your choices... There is hope for you once you've gone through the difficult part of whatever it is that you're going through. You can get through it and you can sort of exist again," he said. "... It's been a difficult three, four years for everybody on the planet, and so I think that the film represents that little bit of hope that we all sort of need sometimes for whatever... it is that you're going through."

A Bit of Light is now in theaters.