How Katy Perry and Lionel Richie Will Film 'American Idol' During King Charles' Coronation (Exclusive)

Both judges are set to perform at King Charles III's coronation concert.

Lionel Richie and Katy Perry are still going to be involved in American Idol from across the pond! ET's Denny Directo spoke with the Idol judges on Monday, and they revealed how they'll participate in the show when they're in the U.K. to perform at King Charles III's coronation concert.

"We are going to be live from the castle as only we could do, which is fantastic. I mean, let's just talk about Cinderella," Richie said. "... It'll cut back and forth to us, but I'm just going to say it's going to be an incredible experience."

Perry concurred, telling ET, "We still have a job to do on American Idol, so we will be tuning in from Windsor Castle."

As Richie and Perry won't be at Idol in person, ABC has tapped Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran to serve as guest judges on the May 7 episode.

While Richie noted that he "didn't get a say" in who would fill in for him, he couldn't be more delighted by the choice.

"To get Ed and Alanis to do this is just amazing," he said. "It just tells you to the power of the show. The contestants are going to love it... It's going to be good."

"I'm just so happy it's Alanis and Ed, because I'm a fan of both," Perry added. "It will be exciting to hear what they actually have to say and how they constructively critique if they have to."

As for Luke Bryan, the third Idol judge is looking forward to working with Morissette and Sheeran for a night.

"It'll be a fun moment and [we're] really, really honored that they decided to come be a part [of the show]," he told ET. "... With Lionel and Katy going to London, we were wondering what to do and I think what we chose to do is perfect. It's going to be a blast."

American Idol airs live coast to coast on Sunday, May 7 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC.