Luke Bryan on Who Is Filling in For Katy Perry, Lionel Richie on 'Idol' Amid Their Coronation Gig (Exclusive)

The country star teased their replacements ahead of his Stagecoach gig.

Luke Bryan is teasing on who is filling in for Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol next week while they're on coronation duty, and the country star tells ET the fill-ins are "big time."

ET's Cassie DiLaura caught up with the "Play It Again" crooner Friday ahead of his headlining performance at Stagecoach in the California desert and shared viewers will love what the singing competition has in store.

"It's big time. It's big time," Bryan said. "The people that we have filling in, contestants have used their songs many, many times. A lot more than mine!"

Bryan quipped he couldn't share more deets on account that he did not want to get kicked off Idol. Fair enough! Fans will just have to wait and see who will join Bryan on the judge's table while Katy and Lionel take part in a historic weekend. Katy and Lionel will perform at the concert for King Charles III's coronation on Sunday, May 7 on the grounds of Windsor Castle in England.

That same day, American Idol airs its live show at 8 p.m. ET, leaving many fans to wonder how they'll juggle the coronation concert and judging duties on Idol. Earlier this week, Perry quipped to ET that perhaps a "hologram" may be in place.


Whatever the case, Perry is excited for the opportunity to perform during the coronation festivities.

"I'm grateful I get to go. I met His Majesty to be a few years ago and he named me as one of the ambassadors to his organization, The British Asian Trust, which is an organization that helps fight to end child trafficking," Perry shared. "So I'm also an ambassador for UNICEF, and it really aligned with my values. That's mostly why I'm going, to be an ambassador and to say, 'Hey, this is me from the USA.' No, but it's so cool."

Speaking of Katy, her collaboration with country star Thomas Rhett also came up in Luke's conversation with ET, and it seems as though their collaboration on "Where We Started" is a bit of a sore subject.

"She's already hurt my heart. Broke my heart," said Bryan facetiously. "I did give her a little grief about the Thomas Rhett collab. He's a lot cuter than me. I get it. She probably went with the cuter guy."

Luke said he's kidding, of course, but as far as a collaboration with Katy down the road, it's something he's not ruling out.

"You know, with collabs and stuff like that, I'm always [like] whatever works in the moment of the song," he said. "But you never know."