Pete Davidson Shares His Thoughts on Kate McKinnon Poking Fun at His Love Life for Super Bowl Ad (Exclusive)

McKinnon pokes fun at her former 'SNL' co-star in a Super Bowl ad.

Pete Davidson doesn't mind being the butt of a joke -- at least when Kate McKinnon's the one doing the teasing. ET spoke with the 30-year-old Saturday Night Live alum via email, and he reacted to his former co-star playfully mocking his love life in a Super Bowl ad.

Davidson and McKinnon star in Hellmann's latest Super Bowl ad, which features Mayo Cat's rise to fame. The cute feline gets so famous that she ends up dating -- and dumping -- Davidson, a nod to the comedian's high-profile romances.

"You lasted longer than most," McKinnon tells Mayo Cat after the Davidson breakup. 

Davidson was unbothered by the joke, telling ET, "It was hilarious. Hey, it's Kate. She'll always get a free pass."

"I love Kate!" he added. "We have a lot of fun together, so getting the chance to work with her again was awesome."

As for how he feels about his love life being so public, Davidson said, "I'm actually a very private person and am usually at home watching movies on VHS."

The ad will air during Super Bowl LVIII, which will see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers. To some, the big game is second to excitement over Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce's romance with Taylor Swift.

Like Davidson, the NFL player and pop star know a thing or two about having a romance in the public eye, but the comedian said he doesn't have words of wisdom for the duo.

"Both are incredibly smart, kind and talented," he told ET. "I'm not sure they are looking for any advice from me."

Davidson does, however, have strong feelings about the message of Hellmann's Super Bowl ad -- "Make Taste, Not Waste."

Davidson said that supporting the initiative, which encourages people to not waste usable food, "with comedy, and with my friend, Kate, just makes sense for me."

"I think it's a really important issue in our country that needs to be addressed. During this partnership, I learned that the Big Game is the second most wasteful food day in the U.S., which is crazy to me. How can you have all of this perfectly good food and just throw it out?" Davidson questioned. "I'm a big leftovers guy and using Hellmann's is the perfect way to repurpose my leftovers, which I have a lot of since I'm often on the go."



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