Ioan Gruffudd Files for Domestic Violence Restraining Order Against Estranged Wife Alice Evans

Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd is petitioning a judge to order his estranged wife, Alice Evans, to not contact him and his girlfriend.

Nearly a year after filing for divorce, Ioan Gruffudd has filed for a domestic violence restraining order against his estranged wife, Alice Evans. 

According to a request filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday and obtained by ET, the Fantastic Four actor is asking a judge to order Evans, who he married in 2007, not to contact him or his girlfriend, Bianca Wallace, to stay 100 yards away from them "except for peaceful child custody exchanges" and to not harass, attack, or threaten them among other behavior. 

In a declaration submitted as part of the request, Gruffudd alleged, "Alice repeatedly told me between August 2020 and our separation on January 1, 2021 that if I left her, she would make false public accusations about me, sell false stories about me to the press, and destroy me and my career."

Gruffudd claimed that since he moved out in January 2021, she has made false, harassing posts about him on social media, as well as false, harassing statements to the media. Gruffudd alleged Evans has also sent him "hundreds" of harassing, abusive and threatening communications, "at least 20" harassing and threatening emails to his mom and harassing, false social media posts about Wallace, along with allegedly publicizing information about Wallace's medical condition. 

Referencing the most recent alleged "abusive behavior," Gruffudd recalled an instance on Feb. 9 in which someone posted from his Instagram account after he informed their older daughter during a phone call that he could not afford to send her to her current school next year. 

Their daughter "said something to the effect of, 'You just want to use your money to pay for your girlfriend's movie,'" he said. The posts to his Instagram account allegedly read, "I cancelled my daughters school so Bianca will be an even bigger star" and "I just removed my child from her school because I need the money for my movie with Bianca." He claimed Evans shared and then deleted screenshots of the posts on her own Instagram account and allegedly sent him harassing messages through the Our Family Wizard app and a harassing email to his mom. 

"I believe Alice's behavior since we separated has been intended to harass and intimidate me, and to force me to give her what she wants financially and with respect to custody of our daughters," Gruffudd said in his declaration. "I believe Alice has also been making inappropriate statements about me to our daughters, and in their presence. This situation has been extremely stressful and damaging in numerous ways, to me, our children, my mother, and to Bianca. I have asked Alice to stop this behavior many times, and my lawyers have done the same. Alice has refused. For these reasons, I feel Alice has left me with no choice but to ask the Court to issue restraining orders."

However, in a response to Gruffudd's request for a restraining order filed on Monday and obtained by ET, Evans said she had not received a copy of his order request and does not agree to it.  

"As I have not yet been served with a copy of Petitioner’s Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DV-100), I really have no idea what he is going to accuse me of. All I have is an email from his attorney, providing me with Ex Parte Notice regarding his Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Orders. However, this I know for certain: I have not hit, struck, attacked, threatened, assaulted, harassed, followed, stalked, molested, destroyed the personal property of, kept under surveillance, impersonated, blocked the movement of, annoyed by phone or electronic means by repeated contact, or disturbed the peace of either Petitioner or his girlfriend, Bianca Wallace," Evans said. "I have not harassed, threatened, made libelous or slanderous statements regarding Petitioner or Bianca Wallace, including to the media or by way of social media. Nor have I ever directed anyone to do so on my behalf. Nor have I ever done so by means of impersonation." 

She further denied making disparaging statements about Gruffudd to or in the presence of their two daughters. "I really have no idea what Petitioner is going to accuse me of," she said, "but I know whatever allegations he is going to make against me are false.”

Evans addressed the Feb. 9 incident, claiming it was their older daughter who posted to Gruffudd's Instagram account. Evans said she reprimanded their daughter and posted the screenshot to her own account to "'save face' with the public," noting Gruffudd also allegedly shared the picture with a joking caption. 

"I believe that Petitioner is filing this request merely as a ploy to gain some sort of advantage over me in our divorce proceedings," she claimed. "As Petitioner has not seen our children for over 8 months, I believe he is trying to set some type of record that I am a horrible mother." She asked the court to deny Gruffudd's requests. 

"Ever since I received Petitioner’s Ex Parte notice informing me that he will attempt to seek a domestic violence restraining order against me, I have been besides myself terrified that he will stop at nothing to hurt me emotionally and financially, and more alarming, try to take our children away from me," Evans further alleged. "I have cried on and off all day terrified over what his lies have done to our family, and what they continue to do. I suspect Petitioner will not be truthful in his declaration and make things up to make me sound like an abuser, as this appears to be his strategy from day one."

ET has reached out to Evans for further comment.