Isabella Strahan Makes Lighthearted Joke About Her 'Expensive' Brain Amid Tumor Treatment

Isabella Strahan was diagnosed with brain cancer back in October, just days before her 19th birthday.

If laughter truly is the best medicine, consider Isabella Strahan fully medicated.

In a testament to her strength and sheer relentlessness to live her life to the fullest, the 19-year-old daughter of Michael Strahan made a lighthearted joke amid her battle with brain cancer. On Thursday, Isabella posted a two-pic slideshow set to audio from an April 2023 interview of Salma Hayek at the TIME 100 Gala.

"What's the most expensive thing you're wearing?" Hayek says in the audio as the first pic shows Isabella smiling for a selfie. The audio then cuts to Hayek saying, "Probably my brain," as the next photo shows Isabella on a hospital bed with bandages wrapped around her head.

In her caption, Isabella wrote, "This photo gets me everytime."

Naturally, fans dropped words of encouragement.

"Laughter is the best medicine! Sending love & healing your way 🙏," one follower commented. Another added, "awww...sweet baby girl--sending you so many prayers!♥️."

The post came one day after Isabella shared on her vlog that she recently celebrated her 19th birthday, a milestone she was forced to miss because she was unconscious at the time. Her birthday came shortly after she had been diagnosed with brain cancer.

"We're doing a little birthday celebration because I was not conscious for my 19th birthday," Isabella explained in the video before the footage cuts to her in the hospital on her actual 19th birthday with balloons and decorations. "So we're doing a little birthday about six months later."

Amid the celebratory mood is also a sense of nervousness, as Isabella anxiously awaits her final round of chemotherapy in June. She had previously expressed her nerves.

"I just want it to be June already. That's the thing, I just wait around for the next time I get chemo," she said in a recent vlog. "I'm kind of scared once I'm done how I'm going to go back to normal life, because I feel like there's always going to be another treatment or something that I have to do. I don't know. But that's a later problem. Otherwise, I'm doing good."

Isabella, flanked by her NFL legend father, first revealed her cancer battle in January during an appearance on Good Morning America. Since then, Isabella has documented her health journey. And while that journey's included some heavy lows, there have also been some sweet moments, like in March when her father surprised her with a visit from her favorite singer, Bryson Tiller.