Michael Strahan Surprises Daughter Isabella With Visit From Her ‘Favorite Person Ever’ Bryson Tiller

The 19-year-old daughter of Michael Strahan shared a new vlog amid her cancer battle.

Michael Strahan helped give his daughter, Isabella, the best surprise of her life!

On Tuesday, the 19-year-old posted the latest vlog of her YouTube series, where she's been documenting her cancer treatment after having emergency surgery in October to remove a large medulloblastoma in her cerebellum. In the vlog, Isabella is surprised by a visit from singer Bryson Tiller, whom she tearfully calls her "favorite person ever," and rapper Fat Joe.

Michael is seen hiding in a foyer with Tiller, Fat Joe, and several others as they wait for Isabella to get ready. "If she'd have been in her pajamas when you walked in here...we would have a problem. She wouldn't forgive us," Michael whisper-explains as to how they had to come up with an excuse to get Isabella dressed. 

The group then sneaks downstairs, where Tiller enters the kitchen to meet Isabella. The student and aspiring model is instantly starstruck, and she gasps as the singer moves to hug her.

"Oh my God! It's Bryson Tiller! You're my favorite person ever," she says as they embrace, and she is overwhelmed by tears. "I'm sorry, I usually don't cry like this. It's so nice to meet you."

The musician asks how she is doing, to which Isabella quips, "I'm great! Obviously."

As she jumps up and down with excitement, Michael says, "You haven't moved this much in months!" 


Michael explains that Fat Joe learned about Isabella’s health battle and, after she mentioned Tiller in a previous vlog, helped arrange for Tiller to pay her a visit. Isabella admitted that she listened to Tiller’s music during every session of radiation after being diagnosed with a brain tumor at the base of her skull. 

"He flew in for you, for this," Michael tells his daughter.

Although Isabella insists that she doesn't typically fangirl, her father teasingly points out, "You are fangirling right now. All your coolness is out the window!" 

During the surprise visit, the two build a flowerpot Lego set gifted to Isabella by Tiller and take photos together. Isabella boasts that she just had the "best Wednesday ever," telling Tiller that she is "his number one listener of all time." 

"Thank you for coming to see me. This made my whole life," she says at the end, giving him a hug goodbye. "It was so nice to meet you. I'm the biggest fan ever."

Watch the whole vlog below. 

In January, Isabella and her dad appeared together on Good Morning America in an interview with Robin Roberts to publicly share that she had a malignant brain tumor known as medulloblastoma. 

According to estimates published in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, the type of brain tumor Isabella is battling accounts for about 20% of all childhood brain tumors. About 500 children are diagnosed with medulloblastoma each year.

Isabella revealed that she first began suffering symptoms in early October and underwent surgery to have the mass removed that same month, just one day before her 19th birthday. She launched her YouTube series to document her cancer treatment journey, which included six weeks of radiation treatment. 

"I literally think that in a lot of ways, I'm the luckiest man in the world because I've got an amazing daughter," Michael said in their GMA interview. "I know she's going through it, but I know that we're never given more than we can handle and that she is going to crush this."