Jaclyn Hill Gives Tearful Update on Grieving Process After Ex-Husband Jon's Death

Jaclyn Hill
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The Internet star is in mourning following her husband's untimely death.

It's been just over a week since Jaclyn Hill's ex-husband, Jon Hill, died unexpectedly due to undisclosed circumstances, and the Internet celeb and makeup mogul is addressing her "grieving process." Specifically, she's explaining why she's trying to be more private about her mourning.

Jaclyn took to her Instagram story on Thursday to share an emotional update with her followers, while using a moment of her free time to get in some exercise on a treadmill.

"I'm at the point in my grieving process where I just have to trust it, and see what happens every day," she shared. "Right now, I'm just kind of done sharing this with millions of people, and I just kind of need some privacy on this subject."

The YouTuber and cosmetics entrepreneur explained, "Obviously social media is my business... but I can't keep putting myself out there, because grieving that loss is something I can't explain."

Jaclyn explained that, while they divorced nearly five years ago, "We still kept in touch and talked, it is just the saddest, weirdest, thing."

"Ugh, it's so much you guys," she added, getting choked up. "Trying to go through it publicly is just making it so much harder for me."

Jaclyn Hill/Instagram

Jaclyn announced the tragic news the day after Jon's death, writing on her Instagram Story that he died after a "sudden tragedy." 

The next day, Jaclyn shared photos of herself and Jon on Instagram, along with a lengthy tribute to her ex, whom she wed in 2009 and split from nine years later. 

In July, Jaclyn had revealed that Frankie -- the dog the couple shared while married, who Jon kept after the divorce -- "was lost" when asked about the pet by a fan on Instagram. When asked to elaborate, Jaclyn told the fan "he was lost."

In her posts on Thursday, Jaclyn said she had been inundated with questions about Frankie, but didn't want to address them at the present time. However, in a tear-filled post she shared later in the evening, an emotional Jaclyn seemingly confirmed that Frankie had died.

Jaclyn shared an repost of a TikTok video showing a white puppy -- who resembled Frankie -- running around a lush, green landscape. The video included the text, "POV: your dog is searching for you in the afterlife and finally sees you."

Jaclyn Hill/Instagram

"These videos kept popping up on my page this past week, and it makes me emotional but in the best way possible," Jaclyn shared, adding, "This has been bringing me comfort, so I hope it comforts you."

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner's Office told ET that the late musician was pronounced dead on a sidewalk on Aug. 10. The cause and manner of death have been deferred pending additional investigation, the coroner's office told ET, adding that Jon's body has been released to his family.

Page Six, who was first to report the most recent update on Jon's death, noted that the late drummer's autopsy results won't be ready for "months."