Jacob Tremblay Reveals He Had His First Kiss on the Set of 'Good Boys' (Exclusive)

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From drama to comedy, Jacob Tremblay is having a lot of firsts with his new film, Good Boys.

ET's Nischelle Turner was on the set of the R-rated movie produced by Seth Rogen, where the 12-year-old actor revealed that he had his first kiss while filming -- but it's not what you expect.

"I had my first kiss on set. It was a CPR doll," he said, adding that he was still "pretty nervous" since he "never really kissed anything before."

As far as how he prepared for the scene, Tremblay said he "didn't really know" and just "thought about what my character would be thinking about in the scene." His mom, however, did give him some tips on what makes a good kiss.

"She told me to make sure it's dry," he shared.

Tremblay stars as sixth-grader Max, who embarks on an epic journey with his two best friends -- played by Brady Noon (who's basically a younger version of Jonah Hill's character, Seth, in Superbad) and Keith L. Williams -- as the trio attempts to go to their first kissing party. Of course, things go horribly wrong prior to the important bash when they ditch school, and during the course of the day, accidentally carry stolen drugs, unknowingly get into their parents' sex toys and somehow lock a cop in a convenience store. Good Boys also features a lot of curse words.

"I think it's fun to swear and not get in trouble for it," he jokingly said. He also had fun doing a dance number to Jessie J's "Bang Bang," as well as doing fight scenes and some stunts.

"I'm really enjoying it. It's going to be really fun," Tremblay relayed. "We get to do some pretty inappropriate stuff, but it's really fun."

Good Boys arrives in theaters on Aug. 16.


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