Jameela Jamil Makes 'DuckTales' Debut as Gandra Dee: See Her Meet-Cute With Lin-Manuel Miranda! (Exclusive)

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DuckTales is bringing back a classic character -- and Jameela Jamil is behind the voice!

The Good Place star lends her voice as punk-rock scientist Gandra Dee in this Thursday's episode, titled "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!," and only ET has the exclusive first look at Jamil's guest appearance.  

In ET's sneak peek, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Fenton Crackshell Cabrera, aka Gizmoduck, meets Gandra (Jamil) for the very first time and already he's stumbling over his words a little. Meet-cutes can be a tricky business, after all.

"What is it that you do?" Fenton asks.

"Shatter expectations!" Gandra quips, before telling Fenton -- in her own badass way -- that she plays by her own rulebook. "I have no rules, no limits. I don't kiss up to zillionaires, I work for myself!" 

Disney Channel

Fenton, though, needs her help for a very "dangerous" project. But Gandra is less than impressed with his spiel, telling him he needs to show, not tell. Unsure of how he's going to persuade her to assist on his latest project, Fenton stammers his way through setting up a date after she asks him to show her his lab.

"Uh, yes, my lab... that is mine... I'll pick you up at seven for some severe science-ing," Fenton says, trying his hardest to impress her. Did his innocent flirting work? Watch ET's exclusive clip above.

Disney Channel

Gandra Dee was first introduced in the original DuckTales episode, "Super DuckTales: Part 1 - Liquid Assets," which aired in 1989. The creative team explained their decision behind bringing her back to this new iteration of DuckTales in an exclusive statement to ET.

"In the original series, Gandra Dee was Fenton's love interest. She also went to night school for electromagnetic espionage robotics. Since Fenton is now a scientist in our series, we leaned into that angle for Gandra, making her a punk-rock scientist," said executive producer Matt Youngberg and co-producer/story editor Francisco Angones. "Jameela Jamil's confidence and charm as Gandra proved to be the perfect foil for Lin-Manuel Miranda's hyperactive energy as Fenton."

The new episode of DuckTales airs Thursday, May 16 at 3 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. 


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