James Charles Details the Creation Process of His First-Ever Makeup Collection (Exclusive)

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James Charles is gearing up for the launch of his first-ever makeup collection, and ET has everything you need to know about how this project came to be.

ET's Lauren Zima sat down with the 19-year-old beauty expert at his home, where they talked all things "Unleash Your Inner Artist," his new palette which he will be releasing with Morphe.

"I don't really switch up my makeup products in my routine all that often, but this palette has been something that I have wanted to create forever now," Charles told ET. "When the Morphe team and I started collaborating on our ideas I literally already had the palette fully mocked up in Photoshop before the meeting. I was like, 'This is what I want,' and they were, like, 'Oh, OK,' and it just happened to work out so beautifully. They brought my vision to life and it's been amazing. It's like my baby to the makeup community, the one thing that I feel like it's truly missing, which is an all-inclusive palette for no matter what you want to create for all artists."

Charles, who became the first male CoverGirl ambassador in 2016, created a 39-shade eyeshadow palette, and a set of 34 brushes and blending sponge, which he aptly calls the Sister Collection. The creating process, he said, was a lot harder than he initially thought.

"I feel like it's hard to create a really good product, it really is. I genuinely walked into it thinking it was going to be a piece of cake and it was a lot more work than I anticipated," he shared. "But it was good work and I also now know standards, and how the production of beauty products works, and it's such a fun and interesting world. But I went into it with very high standards and I did not settle for less, and it definitely led to quite a few annoying phone calls from both the Morphe team and myself but we are so proud of the product that we put out.

"I am so proud of it," Charles added. "I only want to put out the best for myself and my subscribers."

When announcing the products earlier this month, the makeup mogul gave his fans a sneak peek of what to expect and all the wonderful colors that makeup artists will get the chance to play with.

James Charles palette
YouTube/James Charles

But that's not all that Charles has been working on. He also dropped a clothing line called Sisters Apparel, which includes track pants, track jackets, a matching cropped hoodie, cropped windbreakers, booty shorts and industrial belts.

"I've always wanted to create athleisure, it's my thing," he dished. "I obviously have a full face of makeup on but I like to play with male and feminine [looks], like, androgyny with my clothes. So I definitely do prefer more of masculine streetwear type of clothing but I see a lot of young girls rocking the same type of stuff that I do. But the whole thing has just been playing with gender and just making really comfortable cute pieces."

While there is a slew of merchandise created by YouTubers, Charles, he said, isn't about just "slapping your name" on something and calling it a day.

"I really wanted to create a line that I can grow into an actual clothing business as opposed to just merchandise," Charles explained. "I wanted to make super cute comfortable good stuff that I'd want to wear myself."

Charles' new palette will be released on Nov. 13. Sisters Apparel is available now.


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