James Corden Claps Back After Troll Tweets 'I Hope His Kid Gets Cancer' Over 'Game of Thrones' Spoiler

James Corden
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**NOTE: This story contains light spoilers from Sunday's Game of Thrones**

James Corden knows how to shut down a critic.

On Monday night, the late-night talk show host made a joke on his show about the trade war that's brewing between the U.S. and China while also referencing some horrifying scenes from the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

"As you know, President Trump has led the United States into a trade war with China," he started off. "After Trump increased tariffs on Chinese good last Friday, China retaliated today by announcing that they will do the same on American-made goods." 

"Now, I don't like this," he added. "I feel like this trade war is going to end with Trump riding on the back of a dragon, torching the entire economy... You laugh, but it could [happen]. You don't know."

During this joke, an image of the president is shown doing what Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) did on Sunday night's episode of GoT -- turning an entire city to rubble.

This clip was posted online and quickly received a very angry response from one Twitter user, who wrote: "It's f**ked up, you can't even watch TV without a fat f**k spoiling something. Luckily I got to see it before this, but seriously I hope his kid gets cancer."

The 40-year-old TV host soon wrote back: "That is, without question, the single most upsetting thing I think you could ever say about me or my family. Please take a minute and think about what you just wrote and whether you want to be a person who publicly says such things. I believe you're better than that."

The user replied, claiming his comment was "a joke, you know like this segment was." This prompted another response from Corden, who shared his own wish for the commenter's children.

"Well I saw your hope for my son," he wrote back. "My hope for yours is that they never get to read that their mother or father would wish cancer on any child as 'a joke'. Because however you defend it to them, they'll never be able to understand how you could do such a thing. Night x."

Since, the troll's account has been suspended.

Corden is the father of three children, daughters Charlotte, 12 months, and Carey, 4, and son Max, 8, with wife Julia Carey.


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