James Corden Is President Joe Biden's New Presidential Aide -- and He Can't Stop Cracking Jokes

The host helps out around the White House as part of a segment on 'The Late Late Show.'

James Corden is lending a helping hand around the White House. As part of The Late Late Show's segment, "Take a Break," Corden headed to Washington D.C., to the seat of political power, to help out with random jobs about the White House.

This included working in the Presidential kitchen, fielding reporters' questions as a temporary Press Secretary, and even helping President Joe Biden as his personal assistant inside the Oval Office.

In reality, the joke segment mostly saw Corden goofing off around Biden, as the president played along.

As his assistant, Corden snuck in a framed photo of himself and Harry Styles from an old "Carpool Karaoke" segment and placed it among the many presidential portraits -- inadvertently covering up a photo of President Harry Truman.

Biden also gave Corden a tour of the Oval Office and its many special and significant bits of memorabilia – including a chunk of moon rock inside a protective display case.

"You want to put it up on ebay, I reckon you would get a lot, we could do that no problem," Corden joked. "A lot of this stuff is probably worth a lot of money."

"You are getting me mixed up with the last president," Biden quipped.

The segment was pre-taped within the last few months, as it also featured former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who resigned from the post in May.