James Corden Replaced Brian In a Backstreet Boys Show and Absolutely Crushed It

The late night host looked incredible!

James Corden, the boy band member?

It seems the 39-year-old late-night host may have missed his calling! During Tuesday’s episode of The Late Late Show, the comedian went to Las Vegas, Nevada, to visit the Backstreet Boys during their Planet Hollywood residency

He wasn’t content to watch from the audience, though. Instead, Corden announced that he’d be taking over for one of the members -- Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell or Howie Dorough -- who’d be chosen by a blind vote.

“That’s really sweet, but James, we’re the band. People are coming to Las Vegas to see us,” Richardson, 46, tells Corden. “I don’t know how they’d feel if you were up there.”

“How hard is it? What is being a Backstreet Boy?” Corden, clearly annoyed, questions. “It’s wearing a fedora and dancing on some tarmac. I think I’ve got it.”

Littrell, 43, doesn’t seem keen to have Corden step in, exclaiming,  “How do you think you’re going to pull up some tight jeans around that bum?”

“Don’t you worry about my a** because that’s what the 5,000 screaming girls are already going to be looking at, OK?” the father of three assures the group.

After Littrell’s comment, Corden opts to temporarily replace him in the band by rigging the blind vote. With the member chosen and Corden ready to rock, the Oceans 8 star shows up to his first rehearsal clad in a concert T-shirt and black beanie. Littrell, meanwhile, watches dejectedly from the sidelines.

During the run-through, the band and Corden practice being lifted high above the ground by individual platforms. “No one told me this! Shut up. Shut. Up! This wasn’t made clear,” Corden nervously shouts. “... You do this wearing white, right? Well that was a stupid decision because I’m going to sh*t my pants.”

Next Corden crashes the meet-and-greet, taking selfies instead of pics for fans and even ruining a few concertgoers photos by standing in front of them in the shots. 

It’s finally time for the show and Corden takes it upon himself to lead the pre-concert prayer -- which he fills with many a Backstreet Boys reference.

“Dear Lord Heavenly Jesus, I know what you’re thinking: ‘What’s Brian doing there?’ We’re thinking the same,” Corden says. “Make us strong. Show us the meaning of being lonely. Quit playing games with our hearts. Give us the call and know that everybody -- I can’t think of any other Backstreet Boys songs... We want it that way. We want it that way!”

The show begins with “Larger Than Life,” and Corden fits right in, hitting the choreography and nailing his notes. When Lattrell comes out halfway through the song, though, Corden breaks away from the group and starts doing the worm and running man dances.

Corden tries to leave the stage when the song ends, but Richardson informs him that there are still 22 songs to go.  “Well then I quit the band. I quit the band,” Corden exclaims. “I can’t do 22 more of these.”

Even if being a boy band member isn’t in the cards for Corden on a permanent level, the late-night host still has plenty to keep him busy! Check out his most recent “Carpool Karaoke” segment with Beatles legend, Paul McCartney: