Jamie Foxx on 'Going All In' for 'Beat Shazam' Season 5 and Crying Over Daughter Corinne's Success (Exclusive)

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Jamie Foxx and his daughter, Corinne, are a powerhouse Hollywood pair, and no one is prouder of that fact than the 54-year-old star. The duo spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier ahead of the season premiere of their reality competition show, Beat Shazam. The game show's fifth season debuts on May 23.

Corinne, 28, serves as the resident DJ on the game show. She's also founder of her lifestyle website and online marketplace, Foxxtales; co-host of the podcast Am I Doing This Right?and executive producer of Netflix's Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, which her dad stars in and also executive produces. 

Jamie, who's no slouch when it comes to hard work either, shared that he's "happy" to see his daughter exceed any expectations he had for her.

"You cry a little bit every day because in our business -- and it's a crazy business -- this business is interesting. I try to make people understand [that] it's fortune, it's great, it's a blitz business, but you have to be very careful, especially when it comes to your kids because there's so many different winds that blow," he said. 

"We're used to it because we're used to these ill winds that blow, but when your daughter is able to look at it in a different way, she looks at it like she's not overlooking the opportunity," Jamie added. "She takes it and runs with it and that's what makes you feel, she runs our company. So, to watch her not only behind the scenes [but] in front of the camera... then go, like, I don't want to disturb it. I just want to set up an artist fence that she can stake in and do the best we can to keep the ill winds away."

Jamie recently published his first memoir, Act Like You Got Some Sense, and he doesn't shy away from discussing the trials and tribulations of family, including his struggles with fatherhood. Despite having a steep learning curve in raising his daughters, Jamie told ET that he lucked out with his children.

"My daughter was born great and then gave me passes because I would be out there messing up," he admitted. 

As for Corinne, she said that her father makes it "really easy" to be the boss, which he countered by noting she regularly steers him in the right direction when it comes to how he handles himself in public.

"She's got her ear to the ground to the new era we live in," he explained, adding that with her attention to detail she could be the next "President of the United States."

The duo's ability to work together is apparent on Beat Shazam, which Jamie revealed will reach new heights with the upcoming season. 

"We are going all in, we are going to Ireland to shoot," he shared. "We always imagined this show being a universal, like, all-over-the-world show so, to be able to go to Ireland is sort of a little bit of a test. We'll add that audience and people who knew about the show are just blown away that we are coming there."

"Music is like a universal language, you know," Corinne added. "They obviously speak English but I think the show translates to so many different countries, so it's going to be a blast."

"When we started talking about game shows about six or seven years ago I was like, 'The game show space is going to open up,' and at that point everybody was getting game shows," Jamie noted. "But I said the difference between ours and everybody else's -- no disrespect -- is the way our show is the top songs we've ever heard, people winning a million dollars and, you know, the other shows have decent runs but ours feels like it has the possibility to be [like] Wheel of Fortune. One of those things."

Fox's Beat Shazam's fifth season debuts on May 23 at 8/7c.


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