Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Heartfelt Halloween Throwback Pics With Mom Janet Leigh

Jamie Lee Curtis at the Hollywood premiere of 'Halloween' at the Chinese Theatre on Oct. 17
Steve Granitz/WireImage

The iconic scream queen took to Instagram to give fans a look at her Halloween memories from childhood.

A Halloween lover at heart! Jamie Lee Curtis is sharing an adorable look into her childhood memories of the beloved spooky holiday with some adorable throwback pics.

The Halloween Kills star took to Instagram on Sunday to share a pair of snapshots -- the first showing her costume as a young girl, and the second showing her and her sister, Kelly Curtis, sitting with their famous mom, Psycho star Janet Leigh.

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I never felt HOTTER than when I went trick or treating as a little Dutch girl," Jamie Lee wrote in the caption, alongside the black-and-white slideshow post. 

"When I was young we often had my birthday party on Halloween as my birthday isn't for a month but because it falls near the Thanksgiving holiday and anyone who has a birthday near a holiday can attest you feel a little gypped because you're friends can't come," she recalled. "I must've been around eight as I was missing my front teeth."

Lee explained, "My mother hired a professional photographer to get group and individual pictures of each of the kids in their costumes," and that the first high-energy photo was taken "before at the early dinner."

As for the second photo -- in which Jamie Lee and Kelly are seated on either side of their mom on a couch and resting their heads on her as all three smile contently -- Jamie Lee said it depicted: "Kelly and I are exhausted from our candy hunt with our tired mom posing as a tired mom."

"The joys of innocence. The thrill of wearing a costume," she concluded. "Can't wait to see what people will wear this year. Be safe everyone. Love and misses to my mother, the OG SCREAM QUEEN, Janet Leigh!"

Leigh gained her status as Hollywood's first preeminent scream queen for her legendary role in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 horror/thriller classic Psycho. Her daughter took up the mantle with her groundbreaking role in the Halloween franchise 18 years later when the first installment hit theaters Oct. 25, 1978.

Leigh -- who died in October 2004 -- later starred alongside her daughter in the 1980 horror classic The Fog, and the pair both appeared in Halloween H20 in 1998.

Earlier this month, Jamie Lee honored her late mother at the costume party premiere for her latest Halloween film, held at TCL Chinese Theatre. She arrived on the red carpet dressed as her mother's iconic Psycho character, Marion Crane -- complete with a blood-soaked shower curtain.

"I am honoring my beautiful late mama, Janet Leigh, but... it's a little more meta than that," Curtis told ET's Matt Cohen at the event. "I am actually going as Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh in the movie Hitchcock. So it's meta because we never knew what color Janet Leigh's dress was because it was a black-and-white movie."

"But now because of the Hitchcock movie, we know it was pale blue," she continued, adding how she made sure to nail the costume. "And mommy did a little DIY art project the other day. I was worried you would see this and just think I looked like a '50s housewife. So I thought, you know, maybe I need a little bloody shower curtain."

Check out the video below to hear more.