Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Wonderfully Spooky 'Halloween Kills' Behind-the-Scenes Teaser

Jamie Lee Curtis
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Jamie Lee Curtis had a special surprise for fans when All Hallows' Eve arrived.

On Thursday, the 60-year-old actress shared a new clip on her social media accounts that offers an exciting behind-the-scenes peek at her upcoming horror film, Halloween Kills.

In the video, fans get a look at a night shoot coming together, director David Gordon Green orchestrating a scene, a child trick-or-treating as cameras roll, a burning house and, of course, the masked killer of the franchise, Michael Myers. The video ends with Curtis lying on a stretcher and covered in fake blood and offering the camera a smile and proclaiming, "Happy Halloween!"

"Tis the season..... to start screaming. First look at the mayhem David has created for all of you," she captioned the clip.

In the previous 2018 installment, simply titled Halloween like the 1978 original, Curtis returned to the franchise for the first time since 2002's Halloween: Resurrection. She has since signed on for two more films, Halloween Kills (2020) and Halloween Ends (2021).

Production on the sequels got underway last month and, earlier in October, Curtis shared her first photo from the set, showcasing her in full hair and makeup in a trailer.

As fans know, she plays Laurie Strode, the sole survivor of Myers' killing spree in the first film. In Halloween Kills, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is also returning to the franchise, in her case, for the first time since appearing in the original film as Lindsey, one of the children Laurie was babysitting when the masked killer arrived in the fictional city of Haddonfield, Illinois.

Last month, ET chatted with Richards about getting the opportunity to return to one of her very first roles and how she was approached about the gig.

"It's really kind of wild," Richards said at the launch of her line, Kyle & Shahida, during New York Fashion Week. "After all of these years to be bringing back my role in the movie Halloween is really exciting."

"They reached out to me and they said they wanted to meet with me," she added. "I read the script and they said we want to bring your character back, and I was like, 'I'm there.'"

Halloween Kills scares its way into theaters on Oct. 16, 2020.


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