Jana Kramer on How Her New Song Helped Her Through Divorce and Diving Into Dating Again (Exclusive)

Kramer spoke to ET about how making new music has helped her heal and navigate this new chapter of her life.

Jana Kramer is healing through the help of music. The actress, singer and former DWTS pro opened up to ET's Cassie DiLaura in Nashville, Tennessee about how her new single, "Voices," helped her get through her divorce from ex-husband, Mike Caussin, and what it's been like diving back into dating again.

"I'm just really excited. It's been a minute since I had some music out," Kramer said of her first single in over a year. "It's a song that really helped me through my divorce."

She continued, "With "Voices," it was one of those things. I've had a difficult time in my life because I've always listened to the negative voices, and so it's like, it would be really nice if I could listen to those positive voices."

Thanks to the song and the help of some close friends, Kramer embarked on a journey that's helped her get back up again.

"One of my very close friends, Sara Brice, who is the wife of Lee Brice, country superstar, and she was one of the girls who would get in the bed with me and just cry and help me get through the first month, which was really hard," Kramer shared. "She played me the song and I just was like a puddle of tears, because I am broken and I believe that I am not worthy, and I believe that I am not good enough, and this was the song that helped me get back up, so to be able to sing it and to feel it, and to start knowing my worth, was a really nice journey with it."

While negative voices occupied Kramer's mind for so long, she says she now knows how worthy of love she truly is.

"I have my days, but I do know, in my core, in my healthy state, I do know that I am worthy and I can't wait to give somebody that love, that I know that I deserve, that I give as well, so most times I believe that, but it's hard," an emotional Kramer said. "I do believe that there is someone out there that will see everything that I do, and I know I'm a great mom. I know I work really hard. I have a lot of love to give and I just hope that one day, that's cherished."

Kramer hasn't given up on love and she's ready to give it to someone who deserves it. The busy triple threat is back in the dating game, and while she's since gotten off dating apps, Kramer admits she's kissed "a few frogs" since getting divorced.

"I have kissed a few frogs since divorce, but it is OK," she said. 

Kramer has been most recently spotted around Nashville with former NFL star, Jay Cutler, but this time around, the country singer is keeping her lips sealed.

Jason Bihler

"I've learned the lesson of being almost too open in my words," she admitted. "I mean obviously I've said a lot of things on the podcast, Whine Down, and it kind of burned me with my last relationship, and I'm scared to talk about any relationship that isn't gonna...that I don't know, you know? So I just want to keep things close to me cause if not they will get so picked apart. I just wanna be careful about that 'cause I feel like I got really burned sharing too much of my last relationship, so I wanna keep things a little closer to my chest."

Their date nights have proven to be a sore subject for Cutler's ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari, who blocked Kramer on social media shortly after learning the pair were spending time together. But despite the rumor mill, Kramer is standing in her truth and is trying to do things "the right way."

"I know my truth, I know my heart, I know the person that I am, and I can go to bed knowing those things," she explained. "I don't feel like I have to defend -- I don't wanna defend myself anymore. I know who I am, I know my intentions in my heart, and I have respect for everybody involved, so as long as I do things the right way, then I'll be okay."

Kramer's new single, "Voices," is out Sept. 24.



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