Jane Fonda Reveals Jennifer Lopez 'Never Apologized' After 'Monster-in-Law' Slap Injury

Fonda said the slap's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the 2005 rom-com.

Jane Fonda walked down memory lane while appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show, and one particular film seemingly still had her feeling a type of way.

While discussing with Drew Barrymore some of her -- and guest Lily Tomlin's -- past work, Fonda got a glance of the image on the screen, which showed Fonda and Jennifer Lopez in their iconic roles for the 2005 rom-com, Monster-in-Law. After the crowd roared in approval, Fonda shared the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about that film.

"The thing that comes to mind right away is we have a slapping scene," she says. "I slap her, she slaps me. Well, Jennifer -- as per Jennifer -- she had this enormous diamond ring. And so when she slapped me one of the times, it cut open across my eye, my eyebrow."

The crowd at first laughed but then things took a bit of a serious turn when Fonda claimed, "And she's never apologized."

Barrymore quickly pivoted and moved on to chat with Tomlin about one of her classics. Regardless, there's no bad blood between Fonda and Lopez.

In fact, Fonda was front and center when Lopez was honored with the 2,500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2013. She snapped photographs as Lopez received the honor. Besides Fonda, Lopez was also joined by her manager, Benny Medina, and her children, Emme and Max.

In Monster-in-Law, Fonda portrays Viola Fields, who is hellbent on stopping her son from tying the knot with Lopez's character, Charlotte "Charlie" Cantilini. When Viola shows up wearing white on the morning of the ceremony, Charlotte's not having it, and they exchange slap after slap in the iconic scene.

Prior to revealing the slap injury, Fonda also dished some behind-the-scenes deets from when she filmed the 1968 classic sci-fi, Barbarella, which was directed by her then-husband, Roger Vadim. While explaining she hates being naked in front of anybody, Fonda revealed why filming the opening scene proved to be "a horrible experience."

"The movie opens with me doing a strip tease in space taking my space astronaut costume off and then I’m totally naked," she said. "I hate being naked in front of anybody. I hate it. I got drunk. So, we did this whole thing. My husband had promised me that my various private parts would be covered by the titles of the movie. He lied. He didn’t really do that."

"Anyway, just before the end of this horrible experience a bat, of all places, flew between me and the camera," she continued. "We had to do the whole thing over again the next day. We didn’t know this had happened until we saw the rushes. We had to do it over and so I had to do the whole horrible thing over again. I had a hangover."