Jane Fonda Shares Why It's 'Great' Getting Older -- and You Should Take Notes (Exclusive)

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When it comes to aging, Jane Fonda encourages it. 

The Hollywood icon, whose 85th birthday is approaching in December, shared with ET's Rachel Smith why getting older is actually "great."

"I know this sounds strange, but it's great to get older. I mean, obviously it beats the alternative, which is to die," Fonda said. "It's so hard to be young. I mean, it's always been hard to be young -- it's even more hard now... It's all like, 'Who am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to do? What kind of a job am I supposed to have? Where am I supposed to go with my life? Why am I even here? Who should be my friends?'"

According to Fonda, however, time shows you what's really worth the worry. "I was so old at 20," she added. "I've worked hard along the way on myself -- the older I've gotten, the easier it's been. It's like, 'Oh, I've been there, done that. It happened to me before and it didn't bother me.' And so, you tend to be much more even-keeled, generally happier, less hostile. You know what to let go of, what doesn't really matter, so you're not carrying all the baggage."

If the words of a silver screen legend don't comfort you, she echoes a painting great. "Picasso said it takes a long tome to become young," she noted, "and that's certainly been true for me."

While it's clear Fonda needs no luck when it comes to aging gracefully, the star is dabbling in the subject of luck -- and animation -- with her latest role as The Dragon in Apple Original Films' Luck. The animated movie follows its unlucky protagonist, Sam, as she discovers a secret world of good luck, bad luck and magical creatures -- a perfect project to eventually show her grandson. As Fonda told ET, "I will definitely score points when he gets old enough to see it."

Luck premieres Aug. 5 on Apple TV+.


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