Janet Jackson Reveals She Almost Shaved Her Head in Emotional Response to Viral Cancer Video

Janet Jackson
Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Like the rest of us, Janet Jackson is looking for a bit of feel-good news right now.

On Wednesday, the icon shared a video from Instagram user @trillcami. In it, Camila explains that her sister, Gaby, thinks she looks ugly with her eyebrows shaved off amid a cancer battle. So Camila picks up a razor and begins shaving off her own eyebrows, much to Gaby's surprise. "These don't make you pretty," Camila says in the clip. "They don't make you." 

"This made me cry. I was actually going to shave my head for the janet. Tour and was going to talk to all the kids to do the same," Jackson said, referencing her 1993 world tour. "I love a bald head, especially on a woman I think it's beautiful!"

"You and your family are in my prayers," she told the girls. "Stay positive Stay strong. You're so beautiful."

More stars chimed in in the comments -- including Rihanna ("Wow! We [heart] you Gaby") and Michael B. Jordan ("keep fighting!!!") -- while Kelly Clarkson tweeted, "You two are amazing and your big sister is right! You both are beautiful and powerful! You got this little sis!"

On her original Instagram post, Camila also shared some sweet words for her little sister. "I LOVE YOU w every bone in my body. u fight b*tch & u do it damn well. hair does not make you. and even bald u still manage to b the prettiest sister," she wrote. "every battle u go thru, i promise to go thru it w u cus thats what mf sisters do"


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