Jason Derulo Shares Revealing Underwear Pic -- and Fans Can't Handle It

Jason Derulo
Jesse Grant/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Jason Derulo isn't shy about putting it all out there.

Jason Derulo isn't shy about putting it all out there.

The 30-year-old singer caused a fan frenzy on Thursday, when he shared a revealing picture of himself in nothing but tiny black briefs. Although his abs are definitely impressive, it's his noticeable bulge that had his followers commenting.

"Sweet Mary mother of god??," one comment reads.

Other no chill comments include, "? My kind of man ??? lol xx," and "I don't even know who dis is... but godayuuummm señor ?."

Derulo himself had a little fun in the comments section, replying to a few fans. When one fan asked, "What animal are you hiding in your pants?," he wrote back, "Anaconda."

Derulo also commented, "Don't lie ... did you Zoom?"

But perhaps the funniest comment came from a woman who is apparently just all about the music.

"A wonderful person who moves hearts with his music," the comment read, to which Derulo hilariously replied, "I was gonna use that same caption for this pic."


The Cats star has made it no secret that he works hard for his incredible physique. In an interview with Men's Health in September, he shared that he practices intermittent fasting, eats four to eight eggs a day and only keeps healthy foods in his house.

“I’m a real foodie, so I eat a ton," he told the magazine. “And because I eat so much, I have to make sure that my diet is strict. I stock my fridge in a way that I can’t really mess up too much.”

“For all of you who feel like you don’t have the genetics on your side -- you feel like you gotta work harder than everybody else; you gotta eat cleaner than everybody else -- I’m the same way," he added. "Just because your friend can eat pizza and still have abs, that don’t mean that you gotta do the same thing. If you know that you gotta eat cleaner, that’s what you gotta do. But just know that you’re not alone. Sh**, I want some pizza too.”

ET Live recently spoke to Derulo and he walked down memory lane, re-watching his past music videos and spilling secrets about the songs. Watch the video to see Derulo dish on "Whatcha Say," "Want To Want Me," "Talk Dirty," "Wiggle," "Swalla," and his latest, "Mamacita," which he directed.