Jason Momoa Reveals He Does Not Have a House and Has Been Living on the Road (Exclusive)

In his quest to find ispiration, Momoa's on the road for his new Max docuseries, 'On the Roam.'

Jason Momoa's home address is wherever the road takes him. That's life on the go.

The Aquaman star revealed while speaking to ET's Kevin Frazier that he doesn't have a home right now. And it sounds like that's how he prefers it, especially these days when there's so much happening for him professionally. His latest project, On the Roam, premieres Jan. 18 on Max, and the docuseries follows him traveling the country as he visits craftsmen making art on century-old bikes, choppers, instruments and so much more.

These collectables are then getting auctioned off, which is a good thing for Momoa, who currently doesn't have a place to store them.

"Bro, I don't even have a home right now," Momoa, 44, admits. "I live on the road. So, I'm down to New Zealand to start Minecraft. I hope everyone loves it."

But before he gets going on that highly anticipated project, the action star shares what life's been like on the road for him, and the people shocked to see him hop out of the backseat of a car when he visits town for his new docuseries.

"I'm always in these weird places," he says. "You're gonna find me on the road. It happens all the time. They're like, 'What the hell are you doing in our hometown?'"

He continued, "I love the idea of just being with everyday people and doing my craft, which is filming, and then showing them. And so, I think through doing that for so long, I got to be curious about it."

That curiosity led him to bringing a camera crew in tow in search of inspiration by the people who create art with their hands.

"These are the things I really want to do, and hopefully by doing that and creating something and passing it on to charity," he says. "I'm like, 'Wow, this feels good.' I'm doing what I want to do."

Throughout the series, Momoa will meet one of his top creative inspirations, renowned photographer Todd Hido, introduce viewers to the craftsmen that create the details behind the characters he plays, embark upon the adventure of rebuilding a 1920s Rolls-Royce Phantom, and more.

"It's very much my passion for handcrafted artisans," he says. "The things that I truly love, wanting to honor the people who inspire me, and then wanting to make stuff that's really cool for charity, so that they can, you know, bring all this kind of attention to these artisans. So, when people see the show, I'll jump on Instagram and try to get going so we can auction off a lot of these cool things and spread some love."

On the Roam with Jason Momoa premieres Jan. 18 on Max.


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