Jason Mraz Donating All Proceeds From Upcoming Album to Black and Social Justice Organizations

Among the organizations he's donating to include Black Lives Matter, Grassroots Law Project and Equal Justice Initiative.

Jason Mraz is giving back to the community. The 42-year-old singer announced on Thursday that all the earnings from his upcoming album, Look for the Good, dropping on Friday, which also is Juneteenth, will be donated to black and social justice organizations.

"On June 19th, a historic day in the advancement of equality, I am proud to stand in solidarity with and be of service to Black Lives by donating all of my earnings from sales and streams of my new LP recording, Look For The Good," Mraz wrote on his Instagram. "A time has come to act beyond promises, thoughts, and prayers."

Before his album drops, he will be donating $250,000 that he received as an advance on his royalties to Black Lives Matter, San Diego Young Artists Music Academy, RISE San Diego, Grassroots Law Project, Center On Policy Initiatives and Equal Justice Initiative.

"Through my own philanthropic efforts, including my Foundation, I've witnessed how far donations go to make measurable differences in specific communities, whether it's sponsoring programs that bring about real change, or providing vital support to volunteers and staff," he noted. The "Lucky" singer added that his personal philanthropic efforts have never been motivated by a press opportunity, rather he hopes his contributions inspire "other creators and leaders in business to do the same."

"To share the wealth, to share the profits, and to acknowledge that life is only great when it’s great for everyone," he continued. "Looking ahead, donations will be made annually to (different or same) organizations doing the good work to advance equality and justice…This is a pivotal moment in history, but certainly not the finish line."

Mraz concluded by adding, "What good are my lyrics if they are just lofty words with no action?"

Mraz has been vocal about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement and social justice, sharing facts and lending his platform to causes that are near and dear to his heart.

The San Diego native's seventh studio album, meanwhile, is one fans have been anxiously waiting for since his last LP, Know, was released in 2018. Look for the Good is a 12-track album that features the recently released title track and "You Do You" featuring Tiffany Haddish.

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