Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Clear Up 'Vanderpump Rules' Drama, Tease Reality TV Return (Exclusive)

The couple talks to ET about why they want to be back on reality television and if they'd be open to a 'Vanderpump Rules' return.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright may be headed back to reality TV and are here to clear up the viral Vanderpump Rules drama. 

The Vanderpump Rules alums sat down with ET's Rachel Smith on Tuesday in New York City where they promoted their new podcast, When Reality Hits, and hinted that a return to the franchise -- and reality television in general -- isn't exactly out of the question.

"We have things that are coming, arising," Taylor teased, with Cartwright shooting down an appearance by the couple on the current season of Vanderpump Rules

"I don't know what we're allowed to [say]. We're working on a situation... What I'd like to have is the parents on one [show] and that's what I wanted, but I don't know. ['Scandoval'] is causing a lot right now so they're kind of waiting to see how this plays out," he noted. (Taylor and Cartwright are parents to their 2-year-old son, Cruz.

Taylor reaffirmed his interest in a possible return to Vanderpump: "But yeah, I would come back. Yes, to answer your question, yes."

The couple confirmed they're looking at a reality TV comeback and shared their proposal for what they think viewers would be interested in seeing from them.

"I would like to see, do the parents' [show]," Taylor said. "I think we had such a following. I mean we're on for almost a decade and we ended right at our wedding, so there’s a whole another chapter of our lives now that people are kinda like, 'Well, what are they doing now?'"

The duo was candid about their time on Vanderpump Rules, admitting they haven't watched the show at all. They left the series in 2020.

"We're very, very grateful for Vanderpump Rules, for Bravo, but it brings anxiety to me," Cartwright said. "Just because we lived that life. It’s like you have to relive all the moments and everything and it’s a whole different thing being on a reality show. We're really grateful, but it brings up a lot of emotions for me I feel like."

"I think that's another reason why it's gonna be weird getting back into it. It'll test us for sure," she added.

As for their exit from the franchise, they felt it was necessary. As Cartwright explained, "Our life was just going in such a different direction and it wasn’t fitting with our life at the time. I feel like we were so lucky and so grateful for everything that we had on the show but I just really don’t think the last two seasons would have made sense with us anyway, so its its all good."

"It was a nice break. It was a nice mental health break," Taylor confirmed.

They also addressed their decision not to attend Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark's 2020 wedding in Italy.

"There were multiple reasons," Taylor said. "It really was just not in the cards."

"We had all kinds of things that happened. We took too long to get Cruz's passport and then it took forever to come in and that was the main thing, so I was gonna go with my mom and leave the baby behind," Cartwright revealed. "And then she had to go back home because one of her close friends had a loss in the family, so she had to fly home. Then it was just like, what do I do 'cause Cruz wasn't even 1 yet and I was scared to leave him for eight days. It was just all a bunch of things. A bunch of things piled up on top of each other."

"There were a lot of things... and it was right in the middle of COVID still," Taylor pointed out.

"He was just freaking out about traveling with the baby that far too," Cartwright added.

Cartwright admitted she has regrets missing out on their friends' big day. "I definitely wish that we could have went," she acknowledged.

Taylor then explained one of his biggest errors he felt he made amidst the wedding drama. "I made the mistake of texting Beau's best friend and saying, 'Hey listen, I don't think I'm gonna be able to make this. There’s too much," he revealed.

"Without me knowing or anything," Cartwright shared.

"And I should have just went right to Beau because I thought maybe I could ask his friend, 'How do you think I should handle this?'" Taylor said. "It’s one of those things where we would have went... I hope one day they can forgive us."

"I definitely wanted to be there and I regret not being there," Cartwright affirmed.

They confirmed that the ice is starting to thaw between all parties in the aftermath of the wedding no-show. The couple shared they recently saw Schroeder.

"We're slowly starting to be able to talk and stuff and I don't want to pressure her or anything," Cartwright said, prompting Taylor to chime in, "Let it organically happen 'cause she knows I'm very sorry."

When Reality Hits drops Tuesday, March 28.