JAY-Z Opens Up About Parenting His and Beyoncé's Kids in Rare Interview

The rapper wants his kids to know that 'anything is possible.'

JAY-Z is opening up about his and Beyoncé's approach to parenting. The rapper reflected on the ways he supports his kids in a rare interview with The Sunday Times, sharing that the "most important thing" is to show them love. 

"Feeling loved is the most important thing a child needs, you know?" JAY-Z said. "Not 'Here's this business that I’m going to hand over to you, that I'm creating for you.'"

"What if my child doesn't want to be in music or sports?" he continued. "I have no idea, right? But as long as your child feels supported, and feels loved, I think anything is possible." 

Bey and Jay share three kids together: 9-year-old Blue and 3-year-old twins Sir and Rumi. During the pandemic, the superstar couple have put extra attention on their family. 

"[The goal is to] just make sure we provide a loving environment, be very attentive to who they want to be," JAY-Z expressed. "It’s easy for us, as human beings, to want our children to do certain things, but we have no idea. We're just guides." 

What's in store for Rumi and Sir may be up in the air, but Blue has already proven herself to be a talented musician in the making. In fact, she won her first GRAMMY last month for Best Music Video for "Brown Skin Girl." 

Blue is featured both in the vocals for the song, on which she wrote a verse, and in the music video alongside her mother. "Brown Skin Girl" was originally featured on the soundtrack for Disney's live-action 2019 remake of The Lion King, which Beyoncé curated. The music video was made for Beyoncé's 2020 Disney+ film, Black Is King. 

See more in the video below.