Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks ‘First Night Away’ From 1-Month-Old Baby George With Hilarie Burton (Exclusive)

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It was a family affair for Jeffrey Dean Morgan at Wednesday night’s Rampage premiere!

The 51-year-old actor brought his wife, Hilarie Burton, and their 8-year-old son, Augustus, to the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the special occasion. One person missing was the couple’s 1-month-old daughter, George!

“It’s our first night away from the little baby, so yeah, it’s a big deal here,” Morgan told ET’s Nancy O’Dell.

Burton, 35, looked stunning in a cream silk wrap dress just one month after giving birth, and her handsome husabnd certainly took notice. “Yeah, she’s just a smokin’ hot chick!” he declared.

As for Augustus, he gave his first on-camera interview alongside his dad for ET, and talked about the fact that his little sister has the same name as the gorilla in his dad’s new flick.

Hilarie Burton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Augustus

“You were the first person, believe it or not, that’s brought it up,” Morgan told O’Dell of the matching names. “Like, seriously, I can’t believe I haven’t been inundated with the baby versus the George the gorilla question. Yeah, I don’t know… I remember when I found out the gorilla’s name, we had already had [the baby’s name].”

Augustus thought his baby sister should be a gorilla for her first Halloween. “She’s got a temper,” Morgan quipped. “She’s got a temper on her.”

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As some of you know, @jeffreydeanmorgan is off in Europe getting ready to do some big conventions. And he's self aware enough to know his track record for "spilling the beans" isn't so great (bless his heart!). So before he starts tripping up in an attempt to maintain our privacy, he asked that I go ahead and post something about our little girl's birth. But before I do that, there's something I really want to say to all the women out there who are trying..... It took a long time for Jeffrey and I to have this baby. The first time I got pregnant, it took a year and a half. I surprised him on Christmas with baby Seahawk booties. We cried. We celebrated. We picked out names. And we lost that baby. More losses followed, and as so many couples know, it was heartbreaking. It still is heartbreaking. And every morning of the five years it took us, I'd open my computer at the kitchen table and see the news and I'd grow bitter over the endless parade of celebrities showing off their bumps and babies. I'd weep out of jealousy for how easy it was for them. Didn't they know something could go wrong? Didn't they know that there were other women out there struggling? It pained me to see the corporate sponsored baby showers and magazine covers capitalizing on this human miracle that wasn't happening for us. So when this pregnancy started, we were cautious. I didn't want to celebrate for fear of jinxing it. I didn't want a baby shower. I checked her heartbeat every day, up until the day she was born. And now that she is here, I just stare at her in wonder all day. I see her in her daddy's arms and I don't take any of it for granted. She screams bloody murder and I smile because she is so wildly alive. So now that folks know she's here, I don't want her birth to cause any other woman to weep at her kitchen table. If anything, my wish is that she would restore hope for others. Fertility is a fickle thing. And for the other couples out there who have had dark days, we want to introduce our miracle baby to you and send you our love and support in finding yours. Please meet George Virginia Morgan. She was born February 16th. Her daddy delivered her. We love her very much.

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For more from the adorable family, watch the clip below!

Rampage hits theaters on April 13.


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