Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks ‘First Night Away’ From 1-Month-Old Baby George With Hilarie Burton (Exclusive)

The couple attended the ‘Rampage’ premiere with their son, Augustus.

It was a family affair for Jeffrey Dean Morgan at Wednesday night’s Rampage premiere!

The 51-year-old actor brought his wife, Hilarie Burton, and their 8-year-old son, Augustus, to the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the special occasion. One person missing was the couple’s 1-month-old daughter, George!

“It’s our first night away from the little baby, so yeah, it’s a big deal here,” Morgan told ET’s Nancy O’Dell.

Burton, 35, looked stunning in a cream silk wrap dress just one month after giving birth, and her handsome husabnd certainly took notice. “Yeah, she’s just a smokin’ hot chick!” he declared.

As for Augustus, he gave his first on-camera interview alongside his dad for ET, and talked about the fact that his little sister has the same name as the gorilla in his dad’s new flick.


“You were the first person, believe it or not, that’s brought it up,” Morgan told O’Dell of the matching names. “Like, seriously, I can’t believe I haven’t been inundated with the baby versus the George the gorilla question. Yeah, I don’t know… I remember when I found out the gorilla’s name, we had already had [the baby’s name].”

Augustus thought his baby sister should be a gorilla for her first Halloween. “She’s got a temper,” Morgan quipped. “She’s got a temper on her.”

For more from the adorable family, watch the clip below!

Rampage hits theaters on April 13.