Jenna Bush Hager Jokingly Pokes Fun at Father George W. Bush's Speech: 'My Dad Can't Speak English Very Well'

Jenna Bush Hager
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Jenna Bush Hager isn't shy about poking fun at her father, former President George W. Bush.

During Wednesday's Today show segment, Hager and Meredith Vieira talked about Merrian-Webster's 640 new words that were added to the dictionary.

"I do like words," Vieria said after debating if "wordy" was a word. "I’m one of those kids -- did your dad, like every night, you learned a new word in the dictionary?"

That's when Hager jokingly quipped, "My dad can’t speak English that well. Remember him? I'm kidding. He can. He's hilarious."

During Bush's time in the White House, he was teased several times for mispronouncing words and stumbling through his sentences. In 2000, while speaking about his victory over Sen. John McCain in the Republican presidential election he created the word "misunderestimated," when trying to say that people underestimated him.

Saturday Night Live also poked fun at Bush, with Will Ferrell impersonating him in various sketches and using made up words. However, the 43rd president did not mind the sketches, previously telling Jimmy Kimmel on his late night talk show that he had dinner with SNL creator Lorne Michaels and they joked about the bits.

"The best humor's when you make fun of yourself," Bush expressed.

"Wanna hear something terrible? So, I had dinner with Lorne Michaels...He said, ‘I put a great speech writer on you and he came up with strategery...I said, ‘Wait a minute, I said strategery!'" claiming that he had made up the word and not the SNL writer. 

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