Jenna Dewan Teaches Jimmy Fallon a Classic Janet Jackson Dance Move

Jenna Dewan Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show
NBC/Tonight Show

The 'Tonight Show' host wasn't quite feeling "Rhythm Nation."

Jenna Dewan is teaching Jimmy Fallon to dance!

The 37-year-old World of Dance host appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, and did her best to teach the 43-year-old late-night host the "Rhythm Nation" choreography. 

"I felt like you really nailed the body roll so I think it's time to up the difficulty level a little bit," Dewan said, referring to the move she taught Fallon during one of her last appearances on the show. "Do you feel like doing 'Rhythm Nation' with me?"

Dewan likely chose the dance step that goes with Janet Jackson 1989 hit song, because she started her career as a back-up dancer for the singer.

Upon leaving his desk, Fallon jokingly bemoaned, "I'm out of breath already." He also urged the Tonight Show house band, The Roots, to not "start laughing already."

After a quick explanation from Dewan -- who was sporting a sexy, skintight red dress -- the pair attempted the classic "Rhythm Nation" move to varying results. Fallon essentially started spinning in circles and making funny faces, while Dewan didn't let the host slow her down and perfected the moves with ease.

At one point, Fallon leaned over and started swinging his arms aimlessly, a nod to when Dewan shared a video of how her and Channing Tatum's 5-year-old daughter, Everly, expresses herself in ballet class. 

"So Everly, she wants to be a professional ballerina. She has stated this, but -- there's a but -- she doesn't want to follow the teacher at all," Dewan noted. "All the other girls are perfectly watching the teacher and she's, like, ready for Coachella. She's off in the corner and she's like feeling herself."

Dewan continued: "She's free spirited... I'm like 'What about freestyling? That'd be cool.' And she's like, 'No, no. Professional ballerina.' But she literally doesn't follow the class at all."

Following the hilarious exchange, Fallon showed the video of Everly in dance class, doing the arm swinging motion that he later adopted as his own when the "Rhythm Nation" choreography became too much to handle. 

Just last month, Dewan spoke with ET about Everly's insistence on doing her own thing. 

"We have a recital coming up. It's a princess ballet tap number. She's very excited. She loves to dance. She likes to freestyle more than she likes to follow a routine. It's amazing," the Step Up star mused. "I'm not a dance mom! She doesn't follow the teacher... It's just so cute when you see the whole class and all the other girls are following the teacher and Evie's in her own corner feeling it. And I'm like, 'You do that girl! You feel your own rhythm!' It's adorable."

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