Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Are Real-Life Morning Show Anchors on 'GMA'


The actresses play co-anchors on their upcoming Apple TV+ series, 'The Morning Show.'

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon take over GMA

The actresses showed off their chops which anchoring Good Morning America on Monday, leading the show before Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos stepped in. 

Aniston and Witherspoon, who play news anchors on their upcoming Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, were so good at leading GMA that Roberts joked the actresses were "too good." "We got you," Aniston responded. "You need a day off? We got you."

As Aniston revealed during her and Witherspoon's interview with the anchors, she actually came to visit GMA months ago for research while preparing to shoot The Morning Show; she was most surprised by "the insanity that takes place from five in the morning until seven."

"It's very quiet still, you know, the halls are kind of just slowly starting to buzz and then [it's] this engine that just starts to go, go, go," she said. "It's just brilliant -- lots of respect to all of you."

On The Morning Show, Aniston plays an anchor who finds herself stepping into the driver's seat when her co-anchor, played by Steve Carell, is accused of sexual misconduct. 

"The world didn't tell us that we were supposed to be leaders, we never thought those opportunities would come and now here we are," Witherspoon explained of the show's central theme. "I think a lot of women are stepping up or being asked to step up and I think it's fantastic."

"Jen and I talk about it, even seven years ago the idea of us being producers was thought of as cute -- but this has been an amazing experience because we go into big rooms of lots of creative executives and they actually listen to what we have to say," she added. 

The Morning Show debuts on Apple TV + on Nov. 1.